LoL: Riot Games "Takes Over" With New Worlds Song

Take Over Worlds Song
Featuring Jeremy McKinnon (ADTR), Max Schneider and Henry Lau (Image credit: Riot Games)

The Worlds song is here! And it set the internet aflame. “Take Over” featuring Jeremy McKinnon of American post-hardcore band A Day to Remember, as well as singers Max Schneider and Henry Lau, has truly taken over our Spotify and our Apple Music playlists.

It’s one week out from the official competition and this is the song which will get everyone hyped for the main event up ahead as is tradition. And It sure does that. It has a heavy beat which is fun to follow along and the video only makes you all the more excited for the action to start.

The animated video features a nameless protagonist who is biking along the road, trying to catch up to a girl and ends up in an accident, only to come face-to-face with a mysterious hooded figure who had already been watching him before.

Take Over Faker 1
Faker in Take Over Video (Image credit: Riot Games)

The hero of the video gets handed a blue gem and the mysterious hooded man disappears. He follows the hooded man to a PC Bang named ‘The Demon King’. Surprise? We think not. Of course, our protagonist enters, using the blue crystal to awaken the computer and he gets transported to another world where he meets none other than xPeke in the form of Kassadin.

This is a nod to one of the greatest Worlds plays where Fnatic’s xPeke managed to completely school Samsung Blue’s Dade – who at the time had been considered the best midlaner.

Our hero gets shot down right away and is transported back to the PC café where he meets the hooded figure once more. It is revealed to be Faker who gives him back the fallen gem, basically telling him to go back and win this time around.

Xpeke take over mv
xPeke as Kassadin (Image credit: Riot Games)

The protagonist logs in once more, this time ready to take xPeke on. He ends up winning and is seen wandering the woods where he gets ambushed by Mata who is represented by Thresh. His Sickle kills the protagonist who is once again shot ‘back to reality’ before Faker, petting a black cat, throws him another blue gem. With a determined look he logs back on to take down Mata as well.

The protagonist continues to fail throughout the video, getting taken out by Xayah feathers, as well as Galio and Caitlyn, but he keeps going back and beating every single enemy.

As what we believe to be a nod to Ambition, the hero also gets ambushed by a Jarvan IV spear, which he manages to catch just before it hits him. We see the protagonist wield multiple weapons, almost like trophies of all the champions he managed to take down on his path to get stronger.

Tian Lee Sin take over
Tian's Lee Sin is famous and gets recognized within the song (Image credit: Riot Games)

The final boss arrives in the form of none other than the 2019 World Championship MVP Tian as his world-famous Lee Sin. To accompany the extraordinary fight scene is a rhythmic rap in both English and Chinese which only makes the whole scene seem even more epic.

In true anime fashion, the protagonist gets beaten to a pulp, getting smashed through thick walls of rock only to stand back up, take off all the accessories he’d managed to gather throughout his journey, and fight with his bare hands against Tian. This results in him using his own strength, rather than borrowing that of those who had come before him.

In the end, the hero of the video is left victorious, holding Lee Sins blindfold which he lets go of. The scene changes to that of an arena, where the protagonist stands right in the middle of it amongst confetti flying. The girl from the beginning of the video is also there, a smirk playing across her lip as she shows off her own red-colored crystal.

The two use their crystals, summoning the Summoner’s Cup and dash forward, hands reaching out to see who can get to it first.

That’s where the video ends.

Or so you thought. In the end, we have a picture of Faker, looking down at his phone ‘watching’ the World Championship.

Lol worlds 2020 song take over
Image credit: Riot Games

The music is well made, especially with the rap also being in Chinese which is a nice touch since the event is being held in Shanghai. The animation is beautiful and gripping, reminiscent of an anime, especially the fight scenes.

The nod to past legends is also a nice touch, much like it has been done in previous videos such as Rise and Phoenix. Of course, Riot did have to go and put Faker in once again, such as they do each year, but having subtle hints to specific players, such as the J4 Spear or even the Xayah feathers which could symbolize Ruler is a nice addition.

As always, Riot Games seems more of a music company now rather than a game studio, especially after listening to the new song "Take Over" for the twentieth time.

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