LoL Samira Build After Hotfix – Bob the Builder Style: "Can We Fix It?"

Psy Ops Samira
Samira sits atop the ADC list with an incredible 47% winrate. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Samira is here and she’s already gotten her own quick fix after she was just way too OP right after release. Riot nerfed her base HP and her ultimate damage and burst were also reduced to give other champions a fighting chance in the bot lane and during a teamfight.

Samira is best used against champions like Xayah, Lucian and Twitch since other champs, like Caitlyn and Ashe just outrange her in the laning phase. This doesn’t mean she is weak – otherwise Riot wouldn’t have micro patched her right off the bat.

To truly pop off on the hotfixed Desert Rose you’ll have to go with Conqueror from the Precision Rune Tree as your primary keystone. You get two Conqueror stacks per ability that damage an opponent. Her ultimate also completely stacks Conqueror. This will give her sustain in teamfights and will let her fight for as long as possible

Runes 2020
Pick the precision Runes for the best Samira build. (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Samira’s whole kit is based on fighting and combos since her passive – Daredevil Impulse rewards players for using non-repeating abilities. By changing up your attack pattern you gain style grades from E to S. With every grade Samira gains bonus movement speed.

This is important for her laning phase. By building up style you can easily go toe-to-toe with champions who do outrange you. The extra movement speed will feel like added range which she doesn’t actually have. Being able to move up quicker and then fall back is almost like adding range to her kit.

The ability to max is her Q – Flair. She fires a shot at enemies in range. If she is in the melee range of an opponent, she will instead use her sword which will also deal bonus Magic Damage.

So now you’ve got your abilities and you want to start really dealing damage. Her build heavily focuses on Crit, since her ultimate and Q can crit. This is why building Infinity Edge first is important to be able to do as much damage as you can. This will increase the ult and Q critical strike damage by 25%.

As for boots either go for Boots of Swiftness or Berserker's Greaves for mobility or attack speed. Whatever floats your boat to be honest. Both let you kite around opponents while stacking up your style for ultimate mobility.

Her second item should be Death’s Dance for sustain. Samira wants to deal damage and go in on big plays, so she might also run into some dangerous situations. Death’s Dance has 15% heal for any damage she deals, which means she will constantly heal while going all in.

Samira 10 19 Hotfix
Samira will style on her opponents with immense damage output (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Essence Reaver should be your third choice. The item will give you 20% CDR as well as mana regen so you can spam your attacks, deal damage and heal. This way you can overrun any lane and make huge impacts in any teamfight.

Samira is still incredibly strong even if her early game was cut down due to her base health having been cut down. By stacking up your passive you can easily kite around opponents. If you haven’t tried her out yet we suggest you hop onto the server right now and have a crack at her stylish and fun kit!

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