LoL: Samira Coming in a Little Тoo Hot Riot Hotfix

Psy Ops Samira
After a single day of being live she already got hit with a nerf (Image credit: Riot Games)

It’s been just one day and Riot Games’ newest champion, Samira, already saw herself getting a quick hotfix. She came out of the gate a little too hot for Solo Queue with an insane win rate – for a completely new champion – of 49%.

The community spoke out about her broken state and Riot acted fast to try and tone down her damage output and just how dangerous she could be. The micro patch was implemented onto the live servers right away to even out the Solo Queue landscape.

What was done to slow her down though? Well first of all her base health was lowered from 600 to 530 which will make her much more vulnerable in the early game. Her ultimate was also toned down from 100-300 (+600% total Attack Damage at the burst) to 0-200 (+500% total Attack Damage at the burst).

Even though Samira has received these nerfs right off the bat fans still wonder how this ever made it onto the live server. Lead Gameplay Designer for League of Legends Mark Yetter wrote on twitter:

“We're still very committed to releasing new champions long term balanced. Sometimes we get lucky and nail it exactly on launch, but most of the time it's about fast follow up.”

The Desert Rose will continue to be monitored and if she continues to dominate in Solo Queue she might see another nerf coming her way on Patch 10.20. Even though she was released with the World Championship Patch 10.19 she, along with newly released Yone, will be disabled for the event, meaning we won’t see her crazy burst damage on the Worlds stage just yet.

What do you think of Samira going live in such a state? Should Riot have realized these issues earlier during testing? Let us know on our Twitter and Facebook.

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