LoL: Seraphine Follows her Dreams to Collaborate with K/DA

Lo L Seraphine music
Seraphine is confirmed to collaborate with K/DA. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Over the weekend Riot Games came out with the second installment of their webcomic series K/DA: Harmonies. This episode centered around Seraphine, Riot’s newest champion who will collaborate with the iconic pop group.

This was made even more evident with the story of the comic. It all begins with Seraphine sitting in her room recording some of her original music before she gets a mysterious phone call from none other than her idol and K/DA leader, Ahri.

Seraphine KDA collaboration
Seraphine is going to perform alongside her idols in Shanghai (Image credit: Riot Games)

The pop star suggests an idea to the pink-haired singer who readily agrees. We as the readers do not get to hear what this is though, keeping us guessing and reading.

The story goes on to show Seraphine at her part-time job at a near-empty coffee shop. She zones out, almost missing the only customer, but her co-worker Ben is there to help her out. Eventually, as the shift comes to an end, he suggests for her to leave early since Seraphine wanted to go out busking that evening.

Just as the young heroine of the comic wants to leave she gets interrupted by her phone and her father is on the other line. From the get-go it is clear that he opposes Seraphine’s dream of becoming a singer, even looking down on her part-time job at the coffee shop. This only adds to Seraphine’s conviction to become a singer.

She goes out busking and the scene transitions to her auditioning before K/DA. A dream come true! The four idols are impressed with her talent and ask her to collaborate with them on their next EP. To top it all off Seraphine will also get to perform alongside her idols in Shanghai.

Seraphine practices hard alongside the pop singers, perfecting the song as well as the performance while balancing her own music as well as her job at the coffee shop. In the final scene of the webcomic, Seraphine is cleaning up at the cafe alongside Ben.

She thanks him for believing in her and giving her the courage to take this next step towards her dream. Her co-worker admires her for her tenacity and how she can juggle so many things all at once. He then goes on to suggest Sera focus solely on her career and for her to quit her job at the coffee shop.

KDA and Seraphine
The collaboration between the singers is underway! (Image credit: Riot Games)

In the end, Seraphine takes his advice, handing him her apron and walking out the door of the coffee shop, and into the studio where the members of K/DA are waiting for her.

K/DA recently dropped their pre-release single “The Baddest” on YouTube and by mentioning Shanghai in this chapter of the webcomic series fans can pretty much guess that their next song, in collaboration with Seraphine, will come out during the 2020 League of Legends World Championship.

Are you excited to hear the new song by K/DA in collaboration with Seraphine? What kind of song do you think it will be? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook!

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