LoL: Our Prediction for the 2020 World Championship Meta

Shanghai LoL worlds
The 2020 World Championship will be taking place in Shanghai (Image credit: Riot Games)

The Worlds Patch is out and some champions have surely fallen from their spot of prominence to make way for new champs to take their place. This Patch focuses on the meta in pro play rather than what most people experience in everyday Solo Queue.

We’ve taken a closer look at some of the changes Riot has implemented and looked over what it could entail for the upcoming World Championship. Which champions might we see and which have been completely erased from the current meta with the changes Riot has implemented.

Who Will We See on the Rift at Worlds 2020?

Orianna LoL Worlds
The Lady of Clockwork might be seeing some play this Worlds (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Ahri was buffed this patch again. Traditionally she is a decent pick into champions like Orianna, but she still isn’t as powerful to be viable in pro play. There are other mages that just make a lot more sense, like Leblanc, but we might be seeing this fox in a game or two. But don’t think her buff will make her one of the most sought-after picks.

Speaking of Orianna, she might be seeing some more playtime, since her nemesis Azir was nerfed. He was given 5% less attack speed which will be felt, especially in the early game. This will mean that counters such as Orianna or Syndra might be given the chance at Worlds. Though, this nerf is not enough to completely wipe Azir off the Rift, since he is still a strong champion in his own right.

Keeping our eye on the mid lane, Lucian was also nerfed. His scaling was reduced which might open up the mid lane for other unique champions like Tristana. She is also a great flex pick and can be placed in the bottom lane and mid lane. Both Lucian and Tristana could see some playing time throughout Worlds.

High Noon Ashe
Ashe's range and attack speed put her one step above the rest (Image credit: Riot Games)

One thing that definitely had to change was the bottom lane. Caitlyn dominated the playoffs, her range, and Attack Damage just too great. To add some variation into the bottom lane meta, Caitlyn was nerfed – rightfully so – and she now has less damage as well as attack speed. She is now on the same level as Ashe in priority, making these two the power picks of the 2020 World Championship.

Of course if either of those is banned out, then who would we see? Well Aphelios got a little buff which could make him playable once more. He could be used as a third choice if either of the two power picks and a second pocket-pick is banned out.

Other picks who could be making a comeback are Xayah and Rakan. The lovers duo synergize well together and have good mobility and stealth. Of course, picks like Ezreal and Jhin are also strong and could see some play.

Which champs do you want your favourite players to play? Which Teams are you rooting for this upcoming Worlds? Let us know on our Twitter and Facebook!

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