2020 LoL World Championship: Who Has Been the Most Played Champion?

2020 World Championship meta
The meta has now settled down (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Tomorrow is the day. The Worlds 2020 quarterfinals are set to start with a rematch of the LCK finals with DRX facing off against Damwon Gaming. Before the game is set to start though, around noon CEST, we’ve decided to look at the meta which has been cemented into worlds play.

Which champions are key to team compositions? Who are we already sick of seeing and who should finally be unbanned? Those were some of the questions we asked ourselves after watching the whole Group Stage action.

Worlds Is All About Graves

2020 World Championship Graves
Graves is everywhere! (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Seriously… it feels as though every single game had Graves in it. He is the most sought after jungler, with his quick clear and ganking potential. He will usually start with blue buff and then make his way to the other side of the jungle to clear the krugs. Due to his fast clear, he is able to take the rift scuttler quite early to gain control over the river, which then can lead to a gank.

Of course, if Graves is taken, then the opposition will have to counter him which has been either Lillia or Nidalee. These three junglers have dominated the world’s group stage so far. Nidalee has been banned a total of 30 times, showing just how dangerous she is against Graves.

Ornn is the Top Lane Champion

2020 World Championship Ornn
Let's get Ornn a Championship Skin (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Ornn has already looked impressive in the play-in stage. He hasn’t looked as dominant in groups but is still one of the most picked and played champions. The ability to upgrade items is just too valuable. He’s been picked a total of 17 times and has a win rate of 53% which is quite impressive.

To counter this strong forge god, innovative picks like top Lulu have made it back into the meta. She can easily bully Ornn out of lane and keep him from becoming the tanky boy his team needs him to be for the later stages in the game.

Who Hasn’t Made It Onto the Rift?

The most banned champion is Lucian, followed shortly by Twisted Fate. Lucian is a very good flex pick. He can be played in the bot lane, the mid lane and even the top lane (and we don’t mean 2016-Huni-top-lane-Lucian). He is an aggressive early mid laner who can push in any squishy champion and build his lead from there, which is what makes him so strong.

Twisted Fate probably hasn’t seen the light of day, due to his late-game prowess. His global ultimate means he can be off split pushing and then join his team within seconds, flanking enemies and getting kills through that.

What About the Bot Lane?

Ashe has been the most picked ADC along with Senna. These two champions can scale very well and are great for teamfights. Senna can both heal her team, as well as deal damage from across the map, while Ashe is able to throw her arrow across the whole playing field as well. Both have great global reach, and both aren’t the most mobile ADCs out there.

As Support, we’ve got a lot of engage supports who love to roam the map. We’ve seen Bard quite a few times and some games it was a treat to watch, while others just failed to impress. One good or bad Bard ultimate can decide a game. Of course, our favorite Roman-inspired champion Pantheon has also made it onto the Rift. His early game is unmatched and once he has his ultimate, he can easily roam anywhere on the map.

These were the champions we’ve noticed the most during the group stage and will probably be seeing a lot more of. We do hope to see some more pocket picks squeak through and maybe… just maybe a little less Graves and a little more Hecarim.

Which Champions do you want to see at Worlds? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook! For more information regarding the new Patch 10.21 keep reading on EarlyGame.

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