5 Best Mid Lane Champions in LoL Patch 11.1

Spirit Blossom Yone HD
Yone is one of the best skirmishing assassins this patch (Image Credit: Riot Games)

The mid lane is one of the most popular positions in League of Legends. You’re the one in control and have the fastest way to the opponent's base. All eyes are on you to carry the team. So which champions can help you do just that in patch 11.1?

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Which Mid Lane Picks Are Strong in LoL Patch 11.1?

5. Katarina (Win Rate: 49.0%)

Death Sworn Katarina
Katarina has some of the highest DPS in all of League of Legends. (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Katarina has some of the highest DPS in League of Legends. She is an amazing pick for anyone who wants to carry their team to victory, though she is a high skillcap champion. She can be played as AD or AP depending on her match up. Katarina can easily escape rough situations thanks to her E, which is good to have in case of a gank from the enemy jungler.

4. Yone (Win Rate: 48.8%)

Yone 0
Yone is one of the most stylish champions and one of the best. (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Yone is a strong assassin pick this patch. Sure, he and his brother had fallen off a little, but they’re back to their winning shenanigans and Yone is just a great pick when wanting to play aggressively and takedown squishy opponents in skirmishes around the mid lane. He can build both AP and AD for mixed damage, which makes it difficult to itemize against him.

3. Anivia (Win Rate: 53.3%)

Festival queen anivia 1
Anivia is here thanks to her recent buffs. (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Thanks to the buffs Anivia received a few patches ago she has become one of the best control mages in League of Legends. Sure, she got dialed back with patch 10.25, but it wasn’t nearly enough to stop her. Her auto attacks are a decent speed, which let her farm into the late game, where, with a bit of Ability Haste, she can have her ultimate up over and over.

2. Ekko (Win Rate: 52.3%)

Pulsefire ekko lol
Ekko can hop in and out of danger. (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Ekko has become one of the best mid laners with this patch. His E - Q combo is key. Press E, then Q which resets your E. Do this over and over to slowly destroy your opponents in lane. Ekko isn’t a champion who likes to be played passively. Be aggressive when you play him, especially once he has his ultimate, since he can always reset back to safety.

In the late game, Ekko can jump into the enemy backline and take out his opponents that way since he has an easy escape tool thanks to his ultimate. Once he’s got a bit of Ability Haste built up he can also use it multiple times, which makes him a strong and safe pick for the mid lane.

1. Fizz (Win Rate: 52.8%)

Fizz 0
Fizz is the top mid laner at the start of 2021! (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Fizz is a slippery little fellow. He has made it to the number one spot this patch, thanks to his amazing burst damage and the mobility in his kit. He is a champion who just cannot get ganked, thanks to his E. So in the laning phase, hold onto it, just in case the enemy jungler is brave enough to try a gank.

Fizz also has a great deal of burst damage and his ultimate can one-shot squishy opponents in the late game. Fizz can easily sneak into the backline of a fight and take down the opponents' carry champions. He is also a great snowballing champion, who can take a tiny lead and expand it with every little in-game win.

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