Arcane x Among Us Collaboration Release Date Announced

The popular online game Among Us is also collaborating with Riot Games to bring fans some epic in-game Arcane merch!

Arcane x Among Us Collab
Vi is looking a little sus. | © Riot Games/InnerSloth

Well, isn’t this collaboration looking a little sus right now. Who would have thought that this partnership was heading our way? Well, after finding out about Jinx in Fortnite and the Arcane squad joining PUBG mobile, anything is possible.

So, yes, we’ve seen collaborations between Epic Games, Tencent and Riot Games, but now we’re adding in one more with Among us joining the growing list of collaborations for the Netflix series Arcane.

How Will Arcane be Integrated into Among Us?

In the Progress Days trailer, we can already see a few augments which will hit Among Us. Players will be able to personalize their Among Us characters with unique Arcane themed accessories.

Did you think the Enforcers were extremely cool? Well, now you can be an enforcer yourself, just pick up the enforcer hat before a round of Among Us! Oh, of course, if Heimerdinger was your favorite character, you can also get yourself a Heimer look.

The options seem endless and will bring back some popularity to the 2020 hit game. So who is ready for some Arcane Among Us in the coming weeks?

When Will the Among Us x Arcane Collaboration Be Released?

InnerSloth revealed the release date of the Among Us x Arcane skins to be November 12, 2021. The various skins will be available in an Arcane Cosmic tube. This partnership marks the first-ever in-game partnership for Among Us!

Riot x Arcane Progress Days is taking place between November 8, 2021 and November 13, 2021, with multiple partnerships, collaborations and events in League of Legends taking place during this time to celebrate the release of the hit Netflix series Arcane!

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