LoL Champion Guide: Ashe the Frost Archer

Lo L Champion Guide graphic Ashe
Learn how to dominate with Ashe.

In this LoL champion guide we will show you how to play the best ADC in League and how to abuse her strong lane presence. Ashe has always been a solid pick, but with a new item build, she's just become insane. Wits End and Shieldbow combined make her an S-Tier pick. So, if you're looking for a new SoloQ ADC, then look no further than the frost archer.

Ashe is the ADC with the most utility in the game. Her slow and stun from her ult will give your solo queue teammates plenty of time to follow up on any engage. Her late-game damage is also nothing to scoff at, since she is a solid DPS even then.

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Ashe Build: Runes and Items

Hail of Blades is the perfect choice for short trades that Ashe uses in her AA<W<AA combo during the laning phase. So, thanks to Hail of Blades, you're able to pack even more auto attacks into the combo. Cheap Shot and Approach Velocity synergize perfectly with her kit, which makes them must-have runes.

For her item build, prioritize Shieldbow and Wits End. If your opponent has at least two AP champions on their team, then use Wits End. If your opposing team is more AD heavy, use Shieldbow. Your third item will be Rageblade for the additional on-hit. The rest of her build is situational.

Ashe Guide: Early Game

Ashe's early game constantly gets underestimated. Thanks to her range, she is able to take good trades in lane. Not to mention that usually players can just walk away from a bad trade, but against Ashe, that isn't the case. Either you eat five autos, or you have to try to trade damage back. So, if you're Ashe, make sure to respect the counter engage as well – especially if the opposing team has a hook support. So push with AA>W trades and then make sure not to fall back, so you don't get caught up in a counter engage.

Try to get the early push with Ashe. Your minions will block any all-ins from the opponents. Once your minions go under the enemy's tower, use your range to poke them out, then use your health advantage to freeze the wave. Your lane opponent won't be able to engage due to the difference in HP.

Ashe Guide: Mid- and Late Game

Once the laning phase is done, group up with your team, so you can engage in team fights or siege towers. When sieging towers, use your range, but make sure to look out for enemy engages. Ashe isn't the most mobile champion and has no escape tools in her kit. Give her a few tries, and you'll get the hang of when to go in and when to back off with Ashe.

Ideally, you'll start off team fights with your ultimate. It might be a bit alluring to try and catch the enemy carry, but it's best just to go for the closest target – not everyone can hit Ashe arrows like PraY. Thanks to the slow, you can easily take down assassins and bruisers as well. Then, once they're out of the way, just run down to the Nexus.

Ashe Guide: Good and Bad Matchups

Ashe likes to play against ADCs with low range like Kai'Sa, Lucian or Vayne. The attack range difference is just too big and basically, Ashe has free poke. She is also extremely good against immobile supports like Soraka, Lux and Xerath thanks to her ultimate.

Poke-heavy champions like Ezreal and Varus aren't ideal lane opponents for Ashe, since they've just got better range. All-in champions like Tristana, Kalista and Samira who can punish any slight overstep are also hard to deal with. That's why you should also watch out for supports like Rell, Bard, Nautilus and Leona who can punish her for bad positioning.

This Ashe Champion Guide was written by Kamon & Autophil – two Top 500 LoL players worldwide, who also offer coaching. If you're interested, you can find out more about their services here @GetGoodCoaching.