LoL: Best Champs to Counter Akshan

Cyberpop Akshan Splash
What is the best way to counter the new ADC? | © Riot Games

Akshan is slowly finding his way into the Tier Lists of League. His win rate is increasing with each passing day after he just recently received multiple buffs via hotfixes. What can you do? What is the best way to counter Akshan? No worries, we got you covered and show you the best champions to counter him.

As you guys probably know, Akshan is mostly played mid. With about 70% play rate there, we can confidently say: he is an ADC-assassin-hybrid. Despite his pretty rough start, he now starts to shine and mess up the League in all Elos. Playing against new champions can be rough, we know that. No one really knows who counters them, and data websites always take a while to collect enough intel. But suffer no more! The wait's over, and we can finally, proudly present to you: The best Champs to Counter Akshan.

LoL: Best Champs to Counter Akshan

1. Yasuo

First on our list are the top AD champions in the mid lane. Akshan only manages a narrow 42% win rate against each.

Odyssey Yasuo
That boy can surely keep up with Akshan! | © Riot Games

Yasuo's daily business is to mess with squishy ADC's. Windwall to protect himself from shots, or denying Akshan to clear the wave with his Q. A 100 to 0 combo, some poking and great wave clear is what makes Yasuo so good against Akshan. That kit is a pure nightmare for Akshan mains, trust us.

2. Irelia

League of Legends Aviator Irelia Skin
Akshan is not the only one with movement speed and jumps. | © Riot Games

Despite being nerfed and Akshan have been sitting buffs, Irelia is still way stronger in a 1v1. 41,7% win rate is all Akshan players managed to achieve. Need to say more? Stay safe until level 3 and don't get poked too much. With Vampiric Scepter, Akshan stands no chance and can't even farm properly.

AP Carries to Counter Akshan

1. Malzahar

Malzahar wallpaper
Go and counter Akshan with Malzahar. | © Riot Games

What makes Akshan so strong is his great poke and wave clear potential due to his Q - Avengerang. But what if he faces even better wave clear and a 100% safe lock down at level 6? Malzs' ult-combo is perfect to stop Akshan from doing whatever he had planned. Also, you can easily punish his roams with tower pushes or simply roam better than him. Just pick Malzahar into Akshan, and he doesn't stand a chane.

The right champions are worthless with the wrong build. Better check out our Item Guides to succeed:

2. Diana

Diana Infernal
Use Diana to counter Akshan. | © Riot Games

Yes, yes. We heard you people. Diana is getting nerfed in Patch 11.16. But does her kit get changed? No. That's why she's still the one of the best choices against Akshan. The Rogue Sentinel has the lowest win rate against her, probably, because she is simply S-Tier and dominating the whole League from the jungle right now. But hey, someone's got to do it, right?

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