Let the Hunt Begin! Champion Guide: Kindred

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Who will Kindred hunt next?

In our Champion Guide Series, we present the most important mechanics and play styles for all the League Of Legends champions. We show you which Runes to pick, how to play the champion and of course, the best item builds.

This time around, we are going to look at Kindred, a champion made from our nightmares. But don't worry, once you're through with our champion guide, you'll be playing Kindred in your dreams.

Of course, Kindred isn't the only champion on our Champion Guides list. If you'd rather dominate the bot lane then check out our Jinx Champion Guide and for you mid lane mains, we've got an Ahri Guide and well, you can also check out our Aatrox Guide if you'd rather play an easy 1-vs-1 top lane game.

Kindred is an extremely unique champion. Since the champion is technically two entities within one, it is hard to make the perfect champion guide for this jungler, but we're going to try.

What are Kindreds Abilities?

Kindred is an ADC making their way through the jungle. What does this mean? They're extremely strong in the late game so the longer the game goes the better you'll be. To make it to god-status in the late game, you'll need to gather as many marks as you can – which we will get to in a sec.

Important: Keep an Eye on the Kindred Mark Timer

To master Kindred and their mechanics, you'll have to be able to gather marks all over Summoner's Rift. You'll have to gain the stacks all over the map yourselves, but there are a few tricks on how to do just that. Our Kindred champion guide is going to help you out. It's important to note how many marks you've already gathered to be able to know where the next one could spawn. Here is a quick list:

  • 0 Marks: Rift Scuttler
  • 1-3 Marks: Rift Scuttler, Raptors, Gromp
  • 4-7 Marks: Krugs, Blue Buff, Red Buff, Wolves
  • 8+ Marks: Baron, Drakes, Elderdrakes

Once you've mastered this – or learned it by heart thanks to our champion guide – you'll be able to keep an eye on the mini-map to watch out for new marks spawning at these camps. Oh, and one more pro-tip that 99.9% of players didn't know. If you sign up for MyEarlyGame you start every game with an extra stack.

More Mechanics All Around Kindreds Passive

Now, thanks to our Kindred Champion Guide, you know where and when the marks spawn, but what's next? Well, thanks to Kindred's mechanics you'll be able to see where the opposing jungler is. But how is this possible? Well, if your mark suddenly disappears off the map, you'll know that the other jungler cleared that camp exactly 15 seconds prior.

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By keeping a constant eye on the mini-map, you'll be able to counter jungle and go for ganks on the opposite side of the map from the enemy jungler. It's a simple tip, but extremely useful throughout a game and will only feed your Kindred as you continue to gain kills and get stronger with time.

Another mechanic which you should keep in mind when playing Kindred: a new mark appears 45 seconds after the last one was destroyed. Combine this with your camp timers from further up top in our guide, and Kindred gameplay is going to seem easy as pie.

Use Kindreds Ultimate Properly

Okay, you all probably know the meme already and this Kindred champion guide cannot completely save you from it. Your ultimate is the best tool when fighting, since it can save anyone's life… Even that of the opposition! Yes, you're winning the team fight, and then you pop that Kindred ult and... the enemy is full health again. FML.

The same can happen to the Baron or the Elder Darke as well though, so if your team is a bit slow in getting to the objective, and you're the last one standing, simply use your ult, and then it's a 1-vs-1 smite fight for glory. And if you need some help with smite, don't worry, we've got you, just watch this video right here:

Is Kindred the Lamb?

Kindred is both Lamb and Wolf. Yes, it's a bit confusing, especially since you seem to make your way through Summoner's Rift as Lamb the entire time and Wolf merely floats behind you. Kindred is made up of both. For more information, we will be getting to Kindred soon – hopefully – in our LoL Lore articles. If you're interested, we can also give you some good reads on Aurelion Sol and Aatrox while you wait for the Kindred Lore to come out, where we analyze Lamb and Wolf a little closer.

Hopefully, you could improve your Kindred mechanics at least a little thanks to this Kindred Champion Guide. If you want to improve even more at League of Legends, then look no further than EarlyGame since we have even more guides and lol content:

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