Cloud9 Return to Form in LCS

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Upsets, showdowns, a perfect game - it was a good week (Credit: Riot Games)

The second week of the LCS had Cloud9 return to the top of the table with three decisive wins. With 100 Thieves on a hot streak and TSM dropping two games, the Summer Split promises to be spicy indeed.

After a difficult first week for spring champions Cloud9, their old rivals TSM were on top of the table and ready to stake their claim to the top. However, staying on top was even harder than getting to the top - and 100 Thieves, one of the big surprises of the spring, were waiting.

Cloud9 is back

The weekend started with a showdown between TSM and 100 Thieves. The Thieves had the better start and 18 minutes in capitalized with a big teamfight where Felix "Abbedagge" Braun’s Akali ran amok. They continued pressing TSM until an ace 30 minutes in resulted in victory. Team Liquid, meanwhile, had a relatively easy time against Dignitas, successfully stacking early dragons for a cloud soul 23 minutes in and a Baron two minutes later. TL eventually secured the Elder drake, got four kills and ended the game with no opposition.

After going 0-3 in Week 1, Evil Geniuses rebounded with a flashy win against Immortals. Daniele "Jiizuke" di Mauro on Lee Sin and Jeong "Impact" Eon-young on Akali both had standout performances as EG dominated the mid-game and won a much-needed victory.

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Golden Guardians had a promising start against Counter Logic Gaming, getting the first several drakes and the initial Baron. However, they could not put CLG down, even after securing an infernal soul. Arisky fight at the Baron 41 minutes in ended in a clean ace for CLG, and they stole the win.

Cloud9 ended the day with a rare perfect game against FlyQuest. The spring champions were on point from the start to the end, with Luka "Perkz" Perković getting several early kills. It took C9 only 22 minutes to end the game.

TSM's Woes Continue on Day 2

100 Thieves had another strong game against Golden Guardians, taking over the game after several early kills. Giving Abbedagge Akali proved to be a bad idea once again, and even a Baron steal did not help GG escape defeat.

After getting demolished by Cloud9 on Friday, FlyQuest were ready to fight against TSM. The two teams were neck and neck by the 25th minute mark, when TSM committed to a Baron. Despite securing it, they were aced and FlyQuest secured the more valuable Nexus.

The third game of the day, meanwhile, offered a full-on war between Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses. The two team fought back and forth, battering their bases in over 50 minutes of play. Pushed in their base, EG killed the enemy ADC to win the key fight and end the game. Cloud9 likewise had a scrap on their hands against a determined Counter Logic Gaming. CLG got an early lead and pressured the map. Yet C9’s consistent lategame damage with a Tristana and a Kog’Maw was stronger. A bloody teamfight 42 minutes in saw C9 get an ace for three and take the win.

The day ended with a show of force by Dignitas as they defeated Immortals. Dig used their early lead to stay on the front foot and powered on through fights, pushed IMT in their base and took the victory.

Cloud9, 100T end 3-0

Golden Guardians ended the week with a much-needed win against FlyQuest. While the two teams had an even start, GG surged ahead in the mid-game, securing the Baron after a near-ace 22 minutes in. Three minutes later, a collapse on an attempted pincer maneuver netted them four more kills and the Nexus.

Immortals looked set to have a strong game against Team Liquid, taking the first blood and then getting a 4-0 15 minutes in. However, TL would hang on in the game and narrowed the gap, even securing ocean soul. In the decisive fight, Thomas "Jenkins" Tran’s Akali assassinated the IMT backline for and his team cleaned up.

Game three saw Counter Logic Gaming start well, only for TSM to smash them apart by brutally exploiting their aggression. In 23 minutes, TSM had their second ace, a Baron and a mountain soul. Fans did not have to wait much longer for the win.

Cloud9 followed this up with an even more fast-paced game against Dignitas. It all went downhill for Dig 6 minutes in when, having lost their support, they committed to a fight to lose three more. C9 kept a rapid pace, acing Dignitas 22 minutes in, securing Baron and acing Dig again to end the game a minute later.

The last match of the day saw 100 Thieves take on Evil Geniuses. Despite a bloodless early game, 100T were ahead in gold as the mid-game started. They exploited EG’s mistakes to win the big teamfights and took over, ensuring they would also end the week 3-0.

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