The Community All-Pro Team of the LEC

All Pro 1
Caps and Rekkles are on the list even without a Worlds 2021 berth. | © LEC

The community all-pro team was chosen by LEC fans. The first all-pro team has three players from G2 and two Rogue players. Caps and Rekkles might not be going to Worlds 2021, but they made it into their fans hearts.

Fans voted for their all-pro team, and the LEC just announced the results via Twitter. What some people might find odd is the inclusion of three G2 players, especially after their recent loss to Fnatic.

  • Worlds won't be held in China this year, but in Europe!

Fnatic, on the other hand, doesn't have a single player in the first all-pro team. The LEC did explain though that the voting took place after the regular season and that playoff performances were not taken into account by those who voted.

First All-Pro Team


Top Laner for Rogue
INSPIREDJungler for Rogue
CAPSMid Laner for G2 Esports
REKKLESADC for G2 Esports
MIKYXSupport for G2 Esports

Inspired more than earned his spot as the jungler of the first all-pro team with 5 player of the game awards. Odoamne also helped Rogue reach the top spot in the LEC – and a spot at the 2021 World Championship. Caps played a good season and even managed to help G2 to a second-place finish behind Rogue, but players like Humanoid and Vetheo – who had 6 player of the game awards this split – were more convincing than Caps this split.

Rekkles might have been invisible during playoffs, but he had a very good showing during the regular season. Upset or Hans Sama would have also been viable picks for the first all-pro team, though. Choosing Mikyx over Hylissang and Kaiser is a complete fan vote... but this is the community vote after all...

Second & Third All-Pro Teams

All Pro 2 3
The All Pro Second & Third Team | © LEC

Adam had a strong showing in the playoffs so far, and has proven why he was voted into the all-pro team. Humanoid could have also made it into the first all-pro team, but making the second all-pro team is also a great achievement.

If the voting was done after last week's playoff performances, then Wunder wouldn't even be anywhere close to these all-pro teams. Putting Upset onto the third all-pro team actually seems like an insult, especially after he decimated G2 with his Tristana. But with these votes, it's easy to tell which teams have the most fans.

Who would you have put into the first all-pro team? Or even the second and third? Let us know on Discord, Facebook and Twitter!

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