Crime City Nightmare Skins Leaked

Crime city nigthmare shaco
Shaco in his new Crime City look. Probably the best of the set. | © Riot Games

Get excited everyone for some new skins! Of course, every single patch gets new skins, but aren’t we sick of the oversaturated market of PROJECT skins out there already? Don’t we want something new? Well, that is what Riot is giving us, brand new skin concepts, which you, the fans, even voted on!

On Weibo, splash art of the upcoming Crime City Nightmare Skins has leaked as well as Phoenix skins, which should all be coming to Summoner’s Rift soon! The Crime City Nightmare skins are a skin line that was voted on by fans, so get hype!

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What is Crime City Nightmare?

Crime City Nightmare is a new skin concept by League of Legends. These skins will incorporate the same feel as Debonair but put a dark twist on them, and boy don’t these skins just have that dark and spooky twist to them.

The concept art for the Crime City Nightmare skins looks amazing and we hope that the in-game models will do these beautiful pieces of art justice. These aren’t the first fan-voted skins, since League has done this before with other skin lines as well and they’ve always performed well.

Which Champions will be getting Crime City Nightmare Skins?

From the leaked splash art of the Crime City skins, it looks like Zyra, Akali, Darius, Twisted Fate and Shaco. A splash art of Graves is also part of the leaked splash arts, but it looks more like Mafia Graves, but maybe his skin is also part of the set.

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In total five champions will be getting Crime City Nightmare skins. Out of all of them, Shaco looks the best, but that is just our personal opinion. If you disagree and think it’s another champion let us know on Twitter instead.

Brave Phoenix Xayah
Brave Phoenix Xayah. The skin Xayah has always needed, but we didn't know. | © Riot Games

What other Skins are Leaked?

A total of three other skins were also leaked on Weibo. These are the Phoenix skins, which will be for Xayah, Anivia and Seraphine. These skins have a golden and godly theme to them. Especially Anivia looks incredible, and to be honest the bird needs a few good skins.

Of course, Kayn mains are upset since Seraphine is getting a new skin, while their bad boy jungler is still skin-less over the last year or so. Hopefully, Riot makes up for it soon and gives him a new look as well.

When Will the Crime City Nightmare and Phoenix Skins be Released?

It seems like these skins will be available in the upcoming LoL Patch 11.17. We expect them to go live on the PBE server within the next few days and players can test them out and give feedback in case any changes need to be made. So be prepared to see them in-store in a couple of weeks!

So if you’re not broke after splurging on Coven skins, get out your wallet for these epic new Crime City Nightmare skins.

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