Karmine Corp Defeat UCAM, BT Excel to Win EU Masters 2021 Spring

EU Masters Cup
It's all coming down to this (Credit: Riot Games)

After over a month of games, the EU Masters nears its culmination. The top 4 European regional teams will fight for the cup. Four regions have their own representatives - who will be the strongest?

The best teams of the European regional leagues clashed in the quarterfinals earlier this week and now just four remain: the LFL’s Karmine Corp, the Prime League’s mousesports, UCAM Esports Club from the Superliga and the NLC champion BT Excel. After the defeat of Berlin International Gaming, we are guaranteed a new team taking the trophy. Who will it be?


The semifinals will take place on Saturday, May 1st, and the grand final will be played on the following day - Sunday, May 2nd.


You can follow the EU Masters games in English on YouTube and Twitch, as well as in other languages on the following links:

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EU Masters Results Final
Congratulations to Karmine Corp, your EU Masters champions! (Credit: Riot Games)

Day 2 - Grand Final

BT Excel 1-3 Karmine Corp

Karmine Corp had a lot of early pressure in the opening game with a 2v2 first blood in the bot lane and winning several skirmishes. However, Excel’s carries slowly ramped up in kills and got Ornn upgrades to equalize the game. 41 minutes in, KC stole a baron but lost two kills and Excel pushed for the win.

The second game was even more contested, with the LFL team once more having the early lead and BT slowly ramping up. The NFL champion nearly won after taking two inhibitors off an elder dragon and a Baron, but 48 minutes KC assassinated Jørgen "Hatrixx" Elgåen's Orianna and followed up with a clean ace to get their first win of the series.

Karmine Corp appeared revitalized in game three, with jungler Jakub "Cinkrof" Rokicki being very active on the map. While Excel punished several overextensions, KC stayed proactive and Lucas "Saken" Fayard had amazing execution on Akali in teamfights, leading his team to victory.


The two teams traded blows in game four and for once, it was BT Excel who came out with an early game lead. However, KC managed to turn it around with a series of skirmishes and got the infernal soul. Excel tried a last fight at the Elder Dragon. The LFL team secured it, however, and took four kills that let them end the game. It was four very close games but in the end, Karmine Corp was victorious - and your EU Masters champion!

Karmine Corps Roster
Hail to the Kings (Credit: Karmine Corp)

Day 1 - Semifinals

UCAM Esports Club 1-2 Karmine Corp

Who would take the finals? (Credit: Riot Games)

As two of the big favorites for the event clashed, we saw very early on it would not be an easy blowout. An even start of game one eventually turned into a KC advantage as the LFL champions kept their carries alive during the teamfights and Matthew "xMatty" Coombs's Jinx piled on the damage, eventually taking over the game to give KC first blood in the series.

After a bad start to game two, however, UCAM came back strong and took the lead after a messy 4-1 fight 15 minutes in. The Spanish team dominated the teamfights with great performance by AD Carry Rafa "Rafitta" Ayllón Zapata. Despite an unexpected Baron for KC, UCAM were able to keep the enemy bot lane under control and equalize the series.

In the decisive game, KC's early proactivity paid dividends in getting them ahead and get early kills on their carries. However, when they committed to the Baron 23 minutes in this let UCAM clean up the fight and tie the game, with a lot of kills going to Rafitta's Kai'Sa as well. The teams traded blows, and it was anyone's game to win - until a clutch teamfight 40 minutes in, where Lucas "Saken" Fayard led his team to victory and secured Karmine Corp a spot in the finals.

BT Excel 2-1 mousesports

Excel struck first in the series, coming out with an early advantage in the opening game with several skirmishes in the first 15 minutes and using the lead to take over the map. However, mousesports rallied around mid laner Adam "LIDER" Ilyasov. Excel had to dig deep, but in the key fights Andrei "Orome" Popa on Renekton made the difference, pushing Excel to win in a 46-minute game.

Bloodfury Renekton
The meek have been culled and Excel were victorious (Credit: Riot Games).

Mouse were more active in the second game and commanded the early dragons in what was otherwise a very close game. The UK squad opened up a lead in the mid-game and looked prime to win, but mouse punished their missteps, slowly turned the game around and won after catching the enemy botlane off-guard.

BT Excel came back with early pressure in game three, snowballing off early mid-game pressure and leaving the mousesports teamfighting composition behind. This time, they did not make their earlier mistakes and secured their finals spot.


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