The Prodigal Champion Guide: Ezreal

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Divine Sunderer and Ezreal a match made in heaven.

This Champion Guide is going to show you how to play Ezreal in the most efficient way possible and explain just when his powerspikes are. If you're looking for a new champion pick, then look no further than Ezreal, because he's got range, poke and damage.

Ezreal is one of the most popular champions in the bot lane, since he's extremely fun to play. Not only is he fun and interesting, but in the current meta, he is also extremely strong. Just look at the number of times he's been picked in pro-play lately! His play style is unique and differs from other ADCs, which means you'll have to rely on his abilities rather than auto attacks to really make a difference, but we'll explain all that in our Champion Guide, so don't worry.

Ezreal Champion Guide: Early Game

Ezreal's early game is his weak point. Minions constantly get in his way and he can't fire off his abilities to damage enemies. Therefore, we suggest that it's best to just push the wave since opponents won't be able to securely hide behind it, and you can get your poke on.

Of course, this tactic isn't possible in every match-up. Especially the support match-up plays a role here. Pressing E aggressively also isn't the smartest thing to do, since its cooldown is pretty long early on, and you can easily fall prey to a gank. So listen to this champion guide and keep an eye out for opposing junglers – remember: the minimap is your friend!

  • You guys already know that Divine Sunderer is insanely good on Ezreal, but we're here to tell you once more!

If you aren't sure whether to push the lane or stay back, then it's better to play defensively, which you can easily do with Ezreal. You can just stay back and safely farm minions. The more minions you've farmed, the quicker you can get to the mid game, where you'll shine.

Ezreal Champion Guide: Mid Game

Ezreal's mid game is his strongest point. Once you've got two completed items, you'll be practically unstoppable. Just make sure to level up your E along with some ability haste from items, and the cooldown won't even bother you anymore. Now, you're more mobile than anyone else.

Now you can be aggressive! Keep an eye out for opponents and then whip a Q their way. Our Champion Guide tip of the day: Find a target that doesn't have much innate healing. Two Qs, and they'll have to go back to their base, so they don't die. What does that mean? Your team can 5v4 and gain the upper hand.

It's important to note that Ezreal doesn't have the greatest DPS, which you need to know when trying to take objectives. Especially if a Q or two are missed. Therefore, hard engages really aren't his style. So play with some space and vision between yourself and the enemy, and continue to poke at them. You most likely outrange them anyway, so use your advantages!

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Ezreal Champion Guide: Late Game

Ezreal's late game is also solid. Sure, his DPS won't reach the heights of other ADCs, but his poke will continue to scale all game long. Add in items like Frozen Heart, and he will become just a bit more tanky, which means he is quite hard to burst down.

His mid game playstyle transfers over into the late game. You want to continue to poke out enemies aggressively and land as many Q's as possible. Thanks to his items, he is able to even go for the occasional aggressive arcane shift forward, to get that solo kill thanks to the Q one-shot.

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Fights in the late game are pretty easy for Ezreal. Your plan is basically just to get out of range of the tanks and bruisers – but they'll still be in your range – and hit them with your Q. It is more difficult for him to get to the backline since without his E, he won't have enough damage to one-shot someone and if you use it too aggressively, you're most likely going to die as well. So basically, it means that you've got to play team fights front-to-back and stay safe behind your own wall of tanks.

Just survive the early game and you're set. | © Riot Games

Ezreal Champion Guide: Good and Bad Matchups

There are quite a few relatively good or bad matchups for Ezreal, but some team compositions do get in the way for him to shine. Support Champions with heals and shields are especially mettlesome in the mid- and late game, since he can't get his poke on.

That's why champions like Yuumi, Soraka and Sona are the worst matchups for Ezreal. Also, playing against hyper scaling ADC's like Aphelios, Sivir, Vayne, Kai'Sa and Kog'Maw are especially heinous for Ezreal.

Good matchups for Ezreal are those with low range and therefore, can't touch the prodigal explorer. Champions like Olaf, Urgot, Renekton or Mordekaiser like to go up against an Ezreal in the mid game. Therefore, you don't just have to keep an eye on the bot lane matchup during champ select, since you can always swap lanes during the game to suit you better.

This Ezreal Champion Guide was written by Kamon & Autophil – two Top 500 LoL players worldwide, who also offer coaching. If you're interested, you can find out more about their services here @GetGoodCoaching.

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