MAD Lions Win Second LEC Title in a 3-1 against Fnatic

Fnatic vs MAD Arena
Fnatic made MAD work for it - but the Lions still triumphed © Riot Games

After two weeks of playoffs, the fight for the LEC title has narrowed down to three teams. Fnatic came through the lower bracket, winning three five-game series to snatch a Worlds spot. Meanwhile, the spring finalists MAD Lions defeated Rogue in the first semifinal, sending them to face Fnatic for a spot in the final.

For MAD, this is a chance to defend their title and prove their place as one of the all-time elite European teams. For Rogue, it’s a chance to raise the LEC trophy for the first time. As for Fnatic - Europe’s first big LoL powerhouse is itching for a chance to regain the cup and put its name on the champions’ wall once more. Only one of these three teams will make it to the top.

Semifinal 2: Rogue 0-3 Fnatic

Rogue took the first blood in the series in a 2v2 botlane clash, but Fnatic quickly turned the game around with a series of successful roams and good use of teleports. They were all over the map, amassing a big gold lead and the cloud soul before securing the Baron 30 minutes in and closing the game with ease.

When the teams returned, we were treated to a very even early game with the teams trading leads. It was Rogue who first got a big lead after a 4-1 near the Herald 15 minutes in. Six minutes later, they got a kill, started the Baron and turned to fight when Fnatic contested them. However, a clutch engage by Hylissang’s Rakan set his team for success, getting them four kills and the objective. Rogue tried to find picks, but kept failing and falling behind - until eventually they were aced and had to watch their Nexus fall again.

Now on match point, Fnatic turned up the aggression in game three. Just five minutes in, they had four kills and 2K gold lead. Nisqy’s Sylas was once more on point, boasting seven kills just 15 minutes in. Rogue tried to stabilize the game, but a 3-0 for Fnatic around the 22-minute mark gave them an early mountain soul and a Baron. This proved too much for Rogue, whose defense collapsed three minutes later for a quick 0-3.

With this loss, Rogue finish the playoffs in third place and will play in the play-in stage of Worlds. It is poor end to the season for the team that ended the regular split in first place, but hopefully they will fix their issues and once more be the dominant team we saw so many times. Fnatic will now go to the finals and take on the last challenger: MAD Lions.

Grand Final: MAD Lions 3-1 Fnatic

MAD Lions started strong in their first game against Fnatic, taking the early lead. The two teams kept brawling, however, and while Fnatic temporarily equalized the game after Bwipo’s Xin Zhao led them in several skirmishes, MAD narrowly won several fights to regain the lead. The game hung on a threat when Fnatic snuck in a Baron, but an unwise turn to fight ended in disaster as it wasted most of the buffs while supercharging Humanoid’s Ryze with four kills. He and Carzzy proved impossible for Fnatic to deal with and the Lions took the first victory of the series.

Fnatic turned on the heat for game 2, however. Right out the gates, they won several skirmishes, with first blood going to Upset’s Vayne. Just seven minutes in, the team was 12-3 in kills with over 4K gold lead to match. Fnatic looked set to win it all when a series of heroic plays by MAD say them delay the ocean soul twice and steal a Baron. It looked like MAD were back in the game when a single overextension spelled their doom: Vayne ran amok, securing three kills Fnatic barrelled down the mid lane and got their first win of the series.

Now tied at one game, the teams were a bit more cautious in the third game - but it didn’t last long. MAD would get the first blood and the first tower for a gold lead, but Fnatic had more early kills. The teams stayed close until a collapse on Armut 18 minutes in turned into a big fight for MAD, who took the gold lead and used it to dominate the map. Fnatic tried to fight back but they never found a way to turn the game around and after some 33 minutes, the Lions were on match point.

Fnatic had to step up, but despite Nisqy’s Irelia getting first blood,it was MAD who once more got the first lead.They punished Adam’s Mordekaiser hard and used their advantage to snowball the map. Humanoid’s Leblanc was on fire and 22 minute in was key for a clean ace and a Baron for the Lions. Eventually, Fnatic could not keep up - and had to watch as the Lions lifted the LEC trophy once more.

It was a great run for Fnatic, who with a rookie top laner and a roleswapped jungler almost managed to get through every team in playoffs. Yet this time, MAD was a cut above - and proved quite clearly they are the best team in Europe this year.

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With these two series, the LEC summer split is over. However, make sure you stay in touch for the best of Europe's regional leagues at the EU Masters and our pre-Worlds coverage. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter - you won't regret it!