How to Get the Free Unbound Thresh Skin

Unbound Thresh - Free LoL Skin
This could be yours... for FREE! | © Riot Games

League of Legends has so many skins and cosmetics in-game and for 95% of them, you need to fork over a decent amount of cash. My wallet is already crying because I just have to spend my precious money on that beautiful Sentinel Vayne skin.

But what if we tell you that there is a way to get a skin from the Sentinel Event for free? Wait, what free? Did we just say free skin? Free cosmetic? Riot is giving us something for free? Hell yeah, you read that right! All of us, even those who don’t want to spend money on the event pass, can get the Unbound Thresh skin for free.

Unbound Thresh…? Why not Miss Fortune? Well, did anyone really think we would be getting a sexy Miss Fortune skin for free? Yeah, right in our dreams.

What is the Sentinels of Light Pass & Pass Bundle?

According to Riot, saving the world has a price and that price is the Sentinels Pass which costs a whopping 1650 RP. You gain 200 Tokens, 4 Ruined orbs and an icon, as well as a chance to collect all other tokens.

As is usual with any League of Legends event pass, there is also an even more expensive option – the Sentinels Pass Bundle – for 2650 RP. This pass includes the same deal as the regular pass, but players will also get Ruined Pantheon and the Ruined Pantheon icon border.

  • You know what the pass doesn't include? Akshan!

By completing missions, you’ll be gaining more tokens which you can exchange for goodies in the League of Legends client. It works like any other League of Legends event pass. You can get prestige points, XP boosts, blue essence, emotes and lot’s more fun things.

How Much Will Unbound Thresh Cost?

As we mentioned at the beginning, the Unbound Thresh skin is going to be free. The skin is going to cost players a total of 300 event tokens and even if you decide not to pay for the event pass, you’ll still be able to accumulate 300 event tokens!

  • While Akshan is cool and all we can't wait to see if Norra is a confirmed LoL Champion!

So, if you do all the missions and not spend a single token on anything else in the client, you’ll be able to get a new Thresh skin for completely free!

When Will Unbound Thresh be Available?

Unbound Thresh is going to be an event shop exclusive skin and be available on July 29th. This is plenty of time for you to start saving up those tokens right now. Aren’t you glad you clicked on this article, so you know not to waste any of your tokens just yet?

Sure, it might not be a free Miss Fortune skin, but it’s still a free skin and Riot doesn’t fork over free skins all that often, so players should jump on the opportunity when it arises! When is the next time you’ll be able to get a free skin? In like 10 years, maybe.

Why Does Unbound Thresh Look So Plain?

Many of you were probably disappointed by Unbound Thresh. He looks "exactly like OG Thresh", is a sentence that came up again and again. Now, we finally got an answer to it. The reason was simple: "Unbound Thresh represents a canonical chapter of Thresh's story that you'll learn about soon."

Which Other Champions got Skins in the Sentinels Event?

Eleven champions are getting skins during the Sentinels Event. Six of those skins have already been released with the LoL Patch 11.14 update:

  • Sentinel Vayne
  • Sentinel Riven
  • Sentinel Diana
  • Sentinel Olaf
  • Sentinel Irelia
  • Ruined Pantheon

With LoL Patch 11.15, which should drop on July 21st, these skins should be made available for purchase – though the skins will only be in store around July 22nd:

  • Sentinel Graves
  • Sentinel Pyke
  • Sentinel Rengar
  • Ruined Miss Fortune

As mentioned before, the Unbound Thresh skin will only be available a few days later on July 29th and be available for purchase with event tokens.

So what are you waiting for? Go out there and play some League of Legends to get those 300 event tokens needed for the free Unbound Thresh skin!

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