Get free League of Legends skins with Twitch Prime!

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We all love League of Legends skins. But what we love even more are free League of Legends skins! Amazon Prime featuring Twitch Prime give you the chance to get up to 36 free League of Legends skins. We'll show you how!

Did you know that you can get a free League of Legends skin shard every 10 days if you are an Amazon Prime customer? Yes, now you know, because that's all you have to do! Riot Games and Amazon have a cooperation that allows you to get 36 different random skin shards until January 2022. All that thanks to Prime Gaming.

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Get free League of Legends skins with Twitch Prime!

Many of you have a Prime subscription anyway to take advantage of the streaming service or faster package delivery, so why not pick up some cool skins too? On top of that, you can sign up for a FREE Twitch Prime subscription with your favourite streamer, because you know - Twitch Prime is not a crime!

Simply connect your Amazon Prime account with your Twitch account and then you can start collecting loot. In addition to League of Legends skins, there are many other things to loot! From free games to Valorant Graffiti and FIFA Ultimate Team Packs, it's all there. Not registered for prime yet? Just click here.

When can I get the Twitch Prime Gaming Skins for free?

The current skin splitter has been available since September 2, then on September 10 and September 23. Just check Twitch regularly - well, we watch Esports tournaments and hot tub streams there every day anyway - and check the little crown at the top right edge, above which there's almost always a pretty high number (at least for me) showing how many free rewards are currently available that you haven't picked up yet. Sure, there are items for games you've never heard of, but also League of Legends... Oh, and here and there there are also just a few free games you can grab along the way.

You prefer customised content and want to take part in free giveaways with cool prizes? Then register now at MyEarlyGame and try your luck at the August giveaway. News on the latest tournaments and giveaways are always to be found on our Discord. Fingers crossed.

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