G2 Sweep Vitality in LEC Playoff Lower Bracket

G2 Esports went undefeated in their series against Team Vitality, winning all three games to set themselves a match with Misfits Gaming. Vitality's season ends on a disappointing note as the much-hyped superteam end the playoffs in fifth place.

Caps got this win | © Riot Games

The weekend games began with a showdown in the lower bracket where two of LEC's most storied mid laners - Luka "Perkz" Perković and Rasmus "caPs" Winther - faced off. Team Vitality had barely made playoffs before defeating Excel in a five-game series, while G2 Esports started in the upper bracket where they fell against Fnatic. Both teams had a lot of expectations placed on them. One would proceed, the other would end their season outside of the Top 4.

Missed Opportunity for Vitality

Vitality started the first game very strong, getting an early lead from a well-executed tower dive. At the 17-minute mark, they even got an extended ace with a triple kill on Matyáš "Carzzy" Orság’s Aphelios. However, G2 played the map and equalized the game with picks and objectives before inching ahead. A risky decision by Team Vitality to flank 4v5 resulted in four kills and the Baron going G2’s way and with them, they easily closed out the game.

G2 Strikes Back

The second game started horribly for Vitality as Sergen "Broken Blade" Çelik’s Jax killed his lane opponent and went on a rampage, getting three more kills and the first tower in the first 15 minutes. Despite this and losing their top inhibitor a minute later, Vitality found some success in the teamfights. However, G2 remained ahead in dragons and gold. What looked to be a loss for them 24 minutes in turned into a huge success as they delayed Vitality as respawns came for three kills, the cloud soul and the Baron. This was the lead they needed to rush the enemy base and get the win that put them on match point.

Caps Takes a Stand

Vitality had their backs to the wall, and they showed up for the third game with a very strong early game. Proactive ganks from Oskar "Selfmade" Boderek and good play on the sidelines landed them three towers and a 5K gold lead at the 15-minute mark. G2 were able to stall, however, using amazing mid-game macro to find objectives despite losing the fights, even stealing a clutch Baron. As the game went on, the two teams traded blows. A Baron for Vitality 37 minutes in gave them a big lead and they chipped at their opponents’ base. With his team on the ropes, Caps showed up and put them on his back. First, his Ahri stole a hextech drake to get his team the soul and then she set up fights on a split Vitality that led to four kills, a Baron, and a 3-0 victory.

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The LEC playoffs continue with a showdown between Rogue and Fnatic. The game kicks off at 5 PM CEST on Saturday, April 2nd. Meanwhile, make sure to follow us for more LoL news and analysis!

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