LoL: Is G2 Parting Ways With Mikyx, Wunder and Grabbz?

G2 Wunder buyout
Would someone even consider spending so much money on Wunder? | © Riot Games | LEC

Rumours are floating about that G2 Esports are trying to buyout Wunder, Mikyx and their head coach Grabbz. Are these rumours true, and how much does the org want for the players? We've summarized all details from Dot Esports sources for you right here.

Wunder, Mikyx and Grabbz are being bought out? That doesn't fit into what Carlos wrote in a mail to his staff just a few weeks ago. According to sources from Dot Esports though there seems to be some truth to these rumors... there are even some pretty specific numbers revealed!

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Is G2 splitting with Wunder, Mikyx and Grabbz?

It seems like G2 is currently in talks with other professional League of Legends organizations to see if they can end the contracts of top laner Wunder, support Mikyx and coach Grabbz. That's what sources have told Dot Esports who were present during these calls.

2021 was probably one of the worst years for the LoL team. No Spring or Summer title, and then the straw that broke the camel's back – no berth at Worlds 2021. That's why many in the community and analysts believe that big changes are coming to G2 prior to the 2022 season.

What also strengthens these rumors, is that there are no official statements on elongating the contracts of the G2 members in question. All three have contracts running through 2022 and well... G2 also hasn't denied any rumors yet either.

What Would the Wunder, Mikyx and Grabbz Buyouts Cost?

Wunder, Mikyx and Grabbz aren't all worth the same amounts according to sources. Here are the alleged sums they go for:

  • Wunder - Top Lane: 2 million euros
  • Mikyx - Support: 1.5 million euros
  • Grabbz - Head Coach: 160,000 euros

Wunder, Mikyx and Grabbz have caught the attention of multiple LEC Teams. According to Dot Esports' sources, Team Vitality and Team BDS – who are taking Schalke's spot in the LEC next year – have shown interest in the players and coach.

G2 already renewed the contract of their star mid laner Caps at the end of August. His contract will now run to November 2023 and the same renewal is expected for Jankos as well.

Going by the transparency of the org, then we would have to believe that Jankos and Caps will stick around a while longer, while Wunder, Mikyx and Grabbz will not get extensions to their contracts. Whether the buyout rumors are true are still unknown. We will keep you up-to-date on any G2 League of Legends news once we have concrete information.

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