LoL: G2 Without Roster Changes?

G2 Esports no changes
Will Rekkles stay with G2 and will the roster remain the same? | © Riot Games

The Summer Split playoffs are almost over and G2 Esports have not qualified for the LoL Worlds 2021 for the first time in history. Roster changes usually follow something like this. But an email from CEO Carlos "Ocelote" Rodriguez says differently. Or does it?

The fans are devastated and some are not only disappointed, but also a little angry, while yet again others are scared. After such a defeat and two bad splits in a row, we can usually expect roster changes to happen. Yet, we love the G2 roster so much and had high hopes for LoL G2 2021 after Rekkles joined them as an ADC. Now, an email from G2's CEO Ocelote on Twitter is suggesting that no roster changes are coming at all.

Here, you can find all the teams that have qualified for the LoL Worlds 2021 so far:

G2 Esports Without Roster Changes?

Nothing is set in stone yet, and so far, it's more of an almost confirmed guess. But read for yourself:

The email says that a winner is not a winner because she/he wins. But that a winner is someone who experiences defeats, gets back up, moves on and becomes better than before (with a lot more swear words, but you can just read the tweet yourself). Carlos also talks about the company's culture at G2 Esports that we value so much and that all esports players, not just those on the LoL roster, are a part of it. Each individual would play an important role G2's goals.

We will see the G2 Pros play one more time. You voted them into the All Pro Team via the LEC Awards!

Will The Pros Stay At G2?

It sounds as if Ocelote has no roster changes planned for G2. The only question now is whether the players feel the same way. The players' mentality could well be damaged and now that the LoL Worlds 2021 are even coming to Europe, the frustration is bound to be huge.

Jankos now dropped another statement on YouTube, where he talks about the current situation in G2 Esports. We do not want to spoil you guys too much, but it sounds promising:

We will see if we can welcome the same G2 roster in the Spring Split 2022. As soon as there is news about the G2 roster, you will find it here first!

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