A Guide for Assassins: Prowler's Claw

Prowler's Claw Guide
Prowler's Claw is one scary item.

You guys open up the Item Shop and nearly go into epileptic shock? All those bonuses, legendary and mythic items... seriously where to even begin? Don't worry too much because we've got something for you: The League of Legends Item Guide Series. Today we will be looking at Prowler's Claw; when to build it and which champions utilize it best!

Prowler's Claw is a very simple item, much like Duskblade of Draktharr – which we've covered before. Just buy a lot of longswords and boom, the item basically builds itself! When playing assassins you have to ask yourself though; do I build Duskblade or Prowler's Claw? Well, let's take a look at some stats before answering:

Prowler's Claw Stats:

  • Cost: 3200 Gold (same as Duskblade)
  • + 60 Attack Damage (same as... Duskblade)
  • + 20 Ability Haste (this is also the same as Duskblade?!)
  • + 21 Lethality (AHA!! Duskblade only has 18)
  • Gold efficiency without Passive: 85,7 % (also less)

What can Prowler's Claw do?

Thanks to the active of Prowler's Claw you'll be able to dash through your opponents. Doing so will let you deal 65+25% extra normal damage and afterwards your damage will be increased by 15% for 3 seconds. That isn't a bad deal, to be honest. Factor in the distance you made between yourself and your opponent, and you're good.

You also have to remember that Prowler's Claw is a mythic item. So each legendary item you build will give you added lethality as well, which any AD assassin is going to be excited about.

This also answers the question of whether to build Duskblade or Prowler's Claw. If you're looking to spam your abilities and thus need more ability haste, then buy Duskblade. Otherwise, Prowler's Claw is your item of choice. And soon we will be getting to Eclipse as well to complete the unholy trinity of assassin items.

Prowlers Claw Thumb
Even Caeser couldn't escape an assassin with Prowler's Claw.

Who Builds Prowler's Claw?

Your best bet for Prowler's Claw is going to be an AD assassin. The active works best when you combine it with one or two other spells, which is why champions like Pyke or Kled – who might not be an assassin but trust us on this one) – synergize perfectly with Prowler's Claw. The item is especially dangerous alongside Serpent's Fang in the current mid lane meta, so combine the two at all costs.

Be careful though that you don't accidentally use the item's active at the wrong time. If you miss click in lane and dash right into a minion... well... good luck getting out of that one, not even our guide will be able to help you there then. Also keep in mind that with the Prowler's Claw dash you'll always end up behind the enemy, which means they can't prepare for that!

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Original Article written by EarlyGame Author Eric Ganther