LoL Item Guide with Rockets: Hextech Rocketbelt

Hextech Rocketbelt Item guide
Dash over the map thanks to Rocketbelt.

In our item guide series, we'll be taking a look at Hextech Rocketbelt today. This item guide series will help you understand all those new mythic and legendary items that are floating around Summoner's Rift these days. We'll help you make heads or tails of everything regarding items in League of Legends.

You like to play AP-based champions and dish out damage? Well then, pick up Rocketbelt, and you’re good to go. You don’t need to play AD-heavy comps to shred through enemies with items like Eclipse, Duskblade or Prowler’s Claw. No, you can do the same with Hextech Rocketbelt as well and our item guide will show you how to do just that.

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Item Guide Intro: What is Hextech Rocketbelt?

Hextech Rocketbelt is a mythic item in League of Legends, and it’s great on engage heavy champions like Kennen or Fiddlesticks. This item is meant for those of you who want to jump head-first into the action without a second thought. So without further ado, let’s check out Hextech Rocketbelt’s stats to get an overview of this item.

Hextech Rocketbelt Stats:

  • Cost: 3200 Gold
  • + 90 Ability Power
  • + 250 Health
  • + 15 Ability Haste
  • Gold efficiency without Abilities: 100.34%

Item Guide Suggestion: What can Hextech Rocketbelt do?

Rocketbelt’s active is what makes this such a great buy. Using the active gives your champion a dash in whatever direction they were facing, while shooting out 7 rockets in a cone. Those rockets deal additional magic damage to opponents, and you gain movement speed for 1.5 seconds. This is especially useful since many other champions have been affected by the recent mobility changes.

But wait, there’s more! Yes, in this item guide we dig deep to let you know about all the important stats and, well, Hextech Rocketbelt has one more. The mythic passive empowers each legendary item with 5 magic penetration. That means, even if the opponent builds magic resist, you’ll still slash them to the ground.

Which Champions Should Build Hextech Rocketbelt?

Obviously, AP champions should build Rocketbelt. It’s best to pick engage-heavy champions like Kennen or even Annie. Why? Because thanks to Rocketbelt they can save their flash and use the Rocketbelt dash to engage instead. Imagine a fed Kennen, dashing into a teamfight, put down his ultimate and then use Zhonya’s. You’ll absolutely shred opponents while staying 100% safe.

  • Annie is great with Rocketbelt, check out her Lore to find out more about her!

The magic penetration really makes this item shine and as stated before in our item guide, even if the opponent builds magic resist, you’ll still kill them. Add in Sorcerer’s shoes, and you’ll have one of the strongest power spikes early on.

Item Guide Conclusion

Hextech Rocketbelt is a great item for close-ranged champions who want to engage in a fight. They’re the ones who start off a teamfight most of the time, or come in for a flank. Fiddlesticks with Rocketbelt can utilize this along with his ultimate, and no opponent will live to see the end of the fight.

So if you’re up for some AP shenanigans, follow the few simple steps of our item guide, pick an AP engage champion and watch as you go from Bronze IV to Silver I.

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