A Powerful Item Guide: Divine Sunderer

Divine Sunderer Item Guide Graphic
Now this is a powerful item. Especially after the LoL Patch 11.11 buffs!

In our item guide series, we'll be taking a look at Divine Sunderer today. This item guide series will help you understand all those new mythic and legendary items that are floating around Summoner's Rift these days. We'll help you make heads or tails of everything regarding items in League of Legends.

You don't have to be a top lane main to enjoy our wide variety of item guides. No, we've also got a lot of mid lane items you can build, like these right here:

Divine Sunderer is an item for those of you who enjoy fighting – sort of like Eclipse. This isn't an item for those of you who run away from confrontation the way I'm running from my thesis. And well, if you're looking to lifesteal, then it's best to just buy Goredrinker instead. Divine Sunderer is an item with which the right champions become laughably strong, so let's check out its stats:

  • Cost: 3300 Gold
  • + 40 Attack Damage
  • + 400 Health
  • + 20 Ability Haste
  • Gold efficiency without Abilities: 90.91%

Item Guide Suggestions: What Can Divine Sunderer do?

Divine Sunderer's passive enhances your attacks and heals you depending on the amount of damage caused. So what do we see when we look at our stats? Champions only gain a few enhancements, but they're insanely good. 400 Health! Yes, you read that right, a solid 400 health can be gained as well as 40 AD which isn't half bad either. But what makes Divine Sunderer such a cool item is the passive.

Divine Sunderer has an easy item path build. Thanks to its easy build, you can decide whether to buy it or not depending on your situation. Need mana? Sheen! A bit of added HP? Kindegem is your friend. A bit of love? We've got that as well. As you can see Divine Sunderer is a pretty versatile item.

Which Champions Should Build Divine Sunderer?

Divine Sunderer is a great item for top laners as well as a few ADC's... And by 'a few' we basically mean Ezreal, since he really benefits from the enhanced auto attacks after having used an ability. Let's not forget to mention the Ability Haste you gain! Because thanks to that, you can continuously proc your passive.

We also cannot overlook the mythic item passive of Divine Sunderer. While other mythic items are boring and one-dimensional, Divine Sunderer has two item traits. Not only do you gain armor penetration, but also magic penetration. So build this item onto champions who deal both AD and AP damage! Here is a shortlist:

  • Ezreal: Q - AD and W, E, R - AP
  • Yorick: Q - AD and R - AP
  • Nasus: Q - AD and E, R - AP
  • Hecarim: Q, E - AD and W, R - AP


As we can see, Divine Sunderer is a very interesting and comfortable item, but it isn't for everyone. Make sure you build it on the right champions! You have to balance your damage sources to be able to utilize the passive correctly. Divine Sunderer even got a massive buff in LoL Patch 11.11 and will stay for all of LoL Patch 11.12, so champions like Gangplank and Kayn can also enjoy it for a bit longer.

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