Item Guide for the Fast Lane: Stridebreaker

Stridebreaker Guide
Who is ready to smash the top lane?

You guys open up the Item Shop and nearly go into epileptic shock? All those new, legendary and mythic items... seriously where to even begin? Don't worry too much because we've got something for you: The League of Legends Item Guide Series. Today we will be looking at Stridebreaker; when to build it and which champions utilize it best!

But guys, you don't need to be a top lane main to enjoy our item guides. We also have guides for those of you in the mid lane – and for all you ADC and Support mains we're getting to you soon – to enjoy:

Stridebreaker, like Goredrinker, is an item best built on bruiser and fighter champions. But you won't be able to lifesteal as much as you want like with Goredrinker. Instead, Stridebreaker is the nightmare of any ADC because they're immobile and well, Stridebreaker makes even the biggest champs into mobile beasts from hell.

Here are the Stridebreaker Stats:

  • Cost: 3300 Gold
  • + 45 Attack Damage
  • + 200 Health
  • + 20 Ability Haste
  • + 20% Attack Speed
  • Gold efficiency without ability: 95,2%

Item Guide Suggestion: What can Stridebreaker do?

The active of Stridebreaker gives you an extra dash with which you can deal damage. So basically, you can push forward towards an unsuspecting enemy and then dish out damage and beat the opponent to a pulp. Especially if you decide the top lane 1-vs-1 honor battle is getting old, and you plunge towards an immobile ADC like Ashe or Aphelios. They won't see it coming and won't be able to escape your clutches. Especially with the 40% slow. Sorry, we forgot to mention it before.

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Stridebreaker, like Goredrinker, has Ironspike Whip as one of its core items, but doesn't have the lifesteal effect. That doesn't mean Stridebreaker is bad. No, you get a lot of other passive abilities with it, like the added movement speed after you attack an enemy! That's a pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

Which Champions Should Build Stridebreaker?

Stridebreaker is best built on champions who might have problems when catching up to faster opponents. A fat Urgot usually gets laughed at by the opposition when he shows off his wanna-be dash. But the tables turn once he has Stridebreaker equipped. Distance? What is that? So listen to our item guide and watch as Urgot catches up to Darius and Garen in the blink of an eye.

Stridebreaker also gives your champion some added movement speed alongside, slowing the opponents down. The passive gives you 30 movement speed and the mythic passive adds even more, so you can become Speedy Gonzales in the top lane. So build Stridebreaker, listen to our item guide, and you'll be able to catch even the quickest and most slippery champions.

Stridebreaker Item Guide Conclusion

If you tend to miss your opponents by the inch of a hair or tend to be a millisecond too slow, then Stridebreaker is the perfect Item for your inventory. You gain movement speed, an extra dash and the ability to fight. A Stridebreaker guide basically equals a bruiser guide since the two are so closely related.

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