Item Guide For Tri Hards: Trinity Force

Trinity Force Item Guide Graphic
Behold the power of the tri-force!

You guys open up the Item Shop and nearly go into epileptic shock? All those new, legendary and mythic items... seriously where to even begin? Don't worry too much because we've got something for you: The League of Legends Item Guide Series. Today we will be looking at Trinity Force. Who should build this item and who fits this top lane bruiser item best?

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Trinity Force is probably one of the most versatile items in all of League of Legends. Compared to Goredrinker and Eclipse, Trinity Force goes by the motto 'It isn't perfect but it's useful enough'. This is why this Trinity Force guide will help you understand which situations are best for this unique item.

Trinity Force Stats:

  • Cost: 3333 Gold
  • + 30 Attack Damage
  • + 200 Health
  • + 20 Ability Haste
  • + 30% Attack Speed
  • Gold efficiency without Abilities: 86,01%

Item Guide Suggestion: What can Trinity Force do?

Trinity Force is an item for AD-Fighters in the top lane or in the jungle. The extra movement speed and the added AD help you gain the upper hand in any fight – or any chase, because opponents won't be able to escape you. Or you can run away from a slightly faster champion... but that won't happen with your dominance.

Trinity Force has a pretty simple item build. You can basically decide on the fly which components you need. If you need HP, mana or attack speed, everything is there for your needs and then boom! As if through magic, you've got a completed item.

Which Champions Should Build Trinity Force?

It's best to build Trinity Force on AD-based champions in the top lane who eventually want to 1-vs-1 in a side lane. Splitpush champions who can benefit from empowered auto-attacks are the best champions for this item. Think Camille! But even champions like Yorick like to build Trinity Force.

Trinity Force Guides like this one can't be found everywhere, just like this item shouldn't be found everywhere either. For example, you shouldn't see this item anywhere near the bot lane. The lane might be long, but any ADC knows that they have a multitude of better options available to them. Make sure to proc the Trinity Force passive as often as possible for that extra damage.


Trinity Force is very versatile for any AD top laner. Seriously, it's a solid pick-up. But that begs the question of how long. Will LoL Patch 11.13 and the mobility changes have a huge impact on Trinity Force? We will keep an eye on it and let you know and update our Trinity Force Item Guide once we have more information!

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