Jarvan IV Gets Championship Worlds 2021 Skin

J Championship Skin hd
The King is back baby! | © Riot Games

A new limited "Championship" skin is here to celebrate the League of Legends Worlds 2021 Championship. Jarvan IV will get this championship skin.

Every year, we eagerly await the new championship skin for Worlds! Mostly they're for Champs that are heavily played during the season or are supposed to have a special place in Worlds. The tradition began in 2012, when Riot released a championship skin for Riven during the League of Legends Worlds. Championship skins have now been released for Thresh, Shyvana, Kalista, Zed, Ashe, Kha'Zix, Ryze, and most recently, for LeBlanc.

Jarvan IV Gets Championship Worlds 2021 Skin

Why Jarvan IV was chosen for the Championship Worlds 2021 Skin is actually pretty obvious. The champ was weak throughout the entirety of the season and was played very rarely. In pro play, the jungler was almost never picked!

But now he's been buffed twice with Patch 11.12 and Patch 11.16, and things are changing. Logically, he will be played more, and the skins will sell better ... and Riot Games is doing all it can to make the champ playable for Worlds 2021.

Jarvan IV now has a Victorious and a Championship Skin, which makes him unique in this regard. At the end of the 2011 ranking season, a "Victorious" skin was released for players ranked Gold or higher. Now, 10 years later, another Jarvan skin will herald the end of the pro season. Quite a lot of love for the King of Demacia, right?

What does the Jarvan IV Championship Skin look like?

Championship Jarvan IV will use the typical blue, gold, and silver color scheme, but with a new design that looks...regal.

Here is a detailed skin spotlight for the new J4 skin:

It looks pretty cool, doesn't it? Whether the new look will give him a place in Worlds is questionable, but with LoL Patch 11.19, Riot Games has the opportunity to buff him a little...

When is the Jarvan IV Championship Skin releasing?

Riot has yet to announce a release date for the Championship Jarvan skin. In the past, however, championship skins were almost always released in the last week of September, just in time for the Worlds launch.

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