K/DA and Seraphine Comeback With 'More'

KDA shanghai
K/DA featuring Seraphine with their new song 'More' (Image Credit: Riot Games)

K/DA is back! It’s been two years, and fans have desperately been waiting to see these four champions together on stage once more. Two years ago, when K/DA made their debut with their hit single Pop/Stars. Now they’re back with a hot new single ‘More’.

The original line-up of Soyeon and Miyeon of Kpop group (G)I-DLE, as well as Madison Beer and Jaira Burns came together to voice the characters of the pop group. This time they were also joined by a fifth member, Lexie Liu, who voiced the newest League of Legends Champion Seraphine.

The song starts off with an iconic Akali rap, which sets up for what is to come. Soyeon manages to bring the character to life for the third year in a row, adding in that swag we love to see from the champion.

Overall we see a lot more from Champions like Evelynn than in the previous song. She shares the pre-chorus with Ahri, the two harmonizing together to charm the listeners. This is nice to see since a lot of fans had wanted to hear and see more of the tempting demon.

Of course, the song also features Kai’Sa who shows off a rap of her own in the second verse. Through the webcomic series, which has led up to the release of this song, we know that Kai’Sa is the main dancer of the group, which the song also shows off with its magnificent animation.

The whole song is also building up to Seraphine and her musical debut with her idols K/DA. She comes out at the end of the song, singing in both English and Mandarin, adding another dimension to the already multilingual K/DA universe.

We’ve already mentioned the animation style, but now we want to get back to it. Riot did an amazing job of animating a whole choreography, giving the music video complete and utter Kpop vibes.

Kai'Sa shows off her moves in 'More' Music Video (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Of course, we also noticed amazing little details, which just make the music video and song all the more enjoyable. For example, during the second verse, Ahri goes into her part, brushes her hand through her hair and runs it over her fox-ear, which twitches in response. Small details like his make the video.

The color scheme is also fantastic, and some of the animations within the video reminded us of the old Pop/Stars video from two years ago, especially in the beginning when Akali put on the helmet for her motorcycle.

The way Seraphine is slowly introduced is also well done. Throughout the video, we see glimpses of her, listening to the song on her K/DA themed headphones, and only once it is her turn to sing, we get a full shot of her in her bedroom, looking out a window, almost longingly.

Seraphine Indy
Seraphine follows her dreams and becomes part of K/DA (Image Credit: Riot Games)

She sits back down on her bed, closes her eyes and gets pulled up, almost as though it is all a dream that she gets to perform with K/DA. The five come together on top of a skyscraper in Shanghai, performing their song almost as though they’re on top of the world.

The song is well made and all singers get a chance to shine throughout the whole video. Small parts that those who read the K/DA webcomics notice. Overall, the video is amazing and really gets fans to want ‘more’.

Have you watched the new video yet? Which K/DA member is your bias?

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