LCS Playoffs Are Wild in Round 1

LCS Playoffs
The LCS Championship has begun. | © Riot Games

The LCS playoffs kicked off this weekend with two exciting matches to decide who would join TSM and 100 Thieves in the winner's bracket and who would have to play down in the losers bracket with Immortals and Golden Guardians.

The newly named LCS Championship has replaced the regular LCS playoffs after changes to the Spring and Summer Split system were made for the LCS at the beginning of the year. It still equates to the same thing – the winners get a chance to compete at the 2021 World Championship.

Constant Fights and Skirmishes Between EG and DIG

The first game of the LCS Championship was between Evil Genius and Dignitas. Evil Genius started off strong in the first game with a smart teleport play, earning them a quick first blood in the fourth minute. Fights continued to break out, each going in favor of EG as they slowly inched to the first win of this Bo5.

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Game 2 looked good for Dignitas in the early stages of the game, with them coming out on top in some fights, showing that they wouldn’t go down too easily. However, in the mid game, they faltered, giving EG a chance to come back in the game. Both teams continued to fight back and forth, but Dignitas came back with a decisive victory to tie the series 1 - 1.

EG bounced back in game 3 by taking first blood and pushing the top lane. By minute 10, they already managed to get the tier 2 top turret. EG continued to play around the map, gaining control and slowly choking out Dignitas to get to match point with a decisive victory.

Game 4 started off sloppy for EG, with Impact going down 2 times early on. While Dignitas looked better early on, EG managed to find their footing and slowly began to put pressure on all lanes once more, gaining an advantage thanks to their ability to take towers. Ignar showed a magnificent performance on Sett, and once the clock hit 30 minutes, EG won and moved on to face 100T in the winners bracket.

TL vs C9: An LCS Classic

Team Liquid vs. Cloud9; a tale as old as time. At least for LCS fans. Game 1 stood out due to Jensen playing like an absolute monster in the mid lane. His performance on Lee Sin set the tone for the series. With the strong performance from the mid lane, TL was able to go up 1 - 0 in the series.

Game 2 was a great performance by Team Liquid once more, with a quick first blood in the top lane in the third minute. No matter what Cloud9 tried to do, it seemed that TL had the answer, slowly gaining map pressure in all lanes with smart objective control. Cloud9 had no chance, as TL went up 2 - 0 in the Bo5.

Perkz has had enough and decided to take matters into his own hands in the third game of the series. His performance on Ryze was incredible as the team rallied behind him to fight back against TL. With C9 getting Xin Zhao and Thresh in the draft, TL had no chance in this game and lost in a long fought 40-minute match.

The fourth game of the series saw Jensen pick up his successful Lee Sin from game 1 once more. CoreJJ was clutch on Shen in the final match, which left C9 with no towers and no drakes. The map control was just better and TL moved into the top bracket to face TSM, while C9 will have to fight through the losers bracket to gain a spot at Worlds.

Next week, Immortals will face off against Dignitas and the Golden Guardians will battle Cloud9, while TSM plays against Team Liquid and 100 Thieves take on EG.

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