LCS Playoffs Continue With Fight for Last Worlds Spot

Zven C9 2021
C9 face off against EG in the lower bracket. | © Riot Games

One spot remains at the 2021 World Championship, and the final teams in the lower bracket are fighting tooth and nail to retain their one chance at a worlds title. This weekend Cloud9 took on Evil Genius, while TL faced off against 100T. Who will get the final spot at Worlds 2021?

The winner of the first match this weekend faced either TSM or Immortals. So as the playoffs heated up we asked ourselves; will Perkz continue his playoff conquest, or will Evil Genius upset the mega team? Will IMT manage the upset? And who will win between TL and 100T?

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C9 Keep Worlds Dream Alive

The first game of this week’s LCS playoffs saw C9 take on EG. Perkz was fully charged and ready to dominate, and C9 had a clear gameplay plan – shut down Danny and win the game. And that is exactly what they did.

They held the Rookie of the Split back and managed to dominate in all other lanes. Neither Jizuke nor Impact could make any plays happen as they were overwhelmed by the great team play of C9 throughout the match.

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After the match 1 loss, EG tried to shake things up by switching in Contractz for Svenskeren. The change of pace wasn't of much help, though, since EG ended up falling to C9. They fought hard though and some fights could have gone their way, but C9 just managed to outperform them.

Game 3 was just a formality, and it looked like EG had no chance. C9 was the better team, one-shotting the opponents with ease and managing the clean sweep to move onto the next round of the playoffs.

Team Liquid Make it to the LCS Finals

Team Liquid and 100 Thieves went head-to-head in an exciting 5-game match to see who would make it to the LCS finals. TL took the first win but fell behind after two strong games from 100 Thieves. The series was a nail biter for both TL and 100T fans and eventually Liquid managed to take home the W and secured themselves a berth in the 2021 Worlds Group Stage.

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TSM Bounce Back Against IMT

TSM was the best team of the summer in the LCS, but have faltered in the playoffs. This was their last chance to keep their dreams of going to Worlds alive. Immortals tried to keep up, but TSM showed resilience and grit throughout the series. Even when falling behind they managed to come back and easily took the series 3 - 1.

TSM vs. Cloud9 and the Final Spot at Worlds 2021

TSM vs. Cloud9 is one of the best rivalries in esports. This series did not disappoint fans, going to a solid 5 games with Cloud9 coming out on top in the end, snatching up the final spot at the 2021 World Championship for the LCS.

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Game 1 and 3 went the way of TSM, thanks to their smart plays and some surprising picks like the support Pantheon. C9 rallied back though and managed to squeeze out the win in the final game of the series, securing a berth in China for the team.

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