LCS Viewership Lowest It's Been In 5 Years

Why is viewership declining in the LCS? | © Riot Games

The LCS is constantly being called a Wild Card region — so much even that it's become a meme. LEC pros play there when they want to rake in one last pay check before retiring. Now, the region is even showing signs of weakness in their viewership numbers.

100 Thieves delivered a crackling win over Team Liquid in the LCS finals — especially their jungler Closer, who gave an insane performance and was even named EarlyGame's player of the month! The sad truth, though? It seems like hardly anyone even cares anymore.

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Low Viewership Records for the LCS

The LEC seems to fluctuate between 840,000 and 1,000,000 viewers over the last 3 years. In comparison, the LCS finals in which 100 Thieves took on Team Liquid and won 3 -1 merely reached a mere 364,328 people at its peak.

Compare that to the previous year, when 545,571 viewers tuned in. That is a drop of over 33%! All numbers named are provided by

Looking at the high viewership numbers of both the LEC and LCS in 2020, we have to take into account that COVID-19 caused many to stay home during lockdown. People were home a lot more and probably bored. With nothing else to watch – with traditional sports also being on standby – people tuned in to watch esports. This year, the lockdown restrictions weren't as strict, hence, why people might not have watched as much either.

Also, over the last year, many notable LCS players have retired and no real NA talent has been able to replace the likes of Bjergsen, Sneaky and Doublelift in terms of personality, which could also create distance between the fans and the league.

LCK Viewership Shot Up

The LCK Summer Split peaked at 1.3 million viewers. Everyone wanted to watch Faker and T1 take on DWG KIA. This game showed that League of Legends continues to grow in Korea, and interest in Korean esports continues to rise as well. It seems that Korea might catch up to China once more in esports — especially with the new laws restricting young players from gaming, which seems to be in consideration in China.

The hype around the LCK is also thanks to Faker, who is basically everyone's favorite mid laner and idol when it comes to League of Legends. He and T1 will be going to Worlds again. Everyone wants to see him play and bring out his A game. Unfortunately, T1 and Faker couldn't take down DWG KIA who took the series 3 - 1. So it's back to the drawing board before the start of the 2021 World Championship for Faker and co.

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