After One Day of Pre-Season, Everybody Hates the New Item Shop... LoL

Item Mythic Items LOL
The new items and shop are creating a lot of confusion (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Yesterday, everyone got their first taste of the new item system in League of Legends. Of course, with change comes a lot of confusion: The shop has a whole new UI and it seems that something as simple as buying boots is something we have to get used to all over again.

Players will have to get used to the new UI of the item shop. The original shop had been in place for what felt like centuries, so having a whole new look and feel to it is daunting for some players.

There are multiple tabs at the top, which let you look for items you might need. The front page is going to be a recommended page, which will take the opponent’s champion into account, suggesting items that might be good against said champion.

There is also an ‘all items’ category, which is divided into the new subdivisions of mythic, legendary and so on. You’ll be able to type into a search bar as well, if you’re looking for a specific item.

There are also more tabs on the side, separating your items from your boots and consumables. If players are looking for wards or potions, they’ll have to check over there instead of under the other tabs, which are at the top of the shop interface.

Of course, the new mythic items stirred up the community. Some players forgot that they can only get a single mythic item and built the components for a second mythic only to realize – wait… that doesn’t work.

Players also voiced their frustration about the design of the new item icons, saying that a lot of them either look the same or just look very generic. Riot might have to fix some of those to make it easier to distinguish one from another, so players can quickly shop for what they need.

The new mythic items are also broken and overpowered, but this was something that seemed to be obvious from everything we’ve heard coming out of PBE. Riot will need these next two months to fix these issues and make sure that the game is playable with the overpowered items.

It’s only been a day since the new changes are live, so let’s give Riot the benefit of the doubt to fix everything and try to balance it all out… and for those complaining about the shop – you’re just more used to the old one. Give yourself time to get used to the new shop.

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