League of Legends Thresh Guide: How To Master The Chain Warden

Thresh is one of the best Support Champs in League of Legends right now. He is very versatile and offers a lot for your lane and the team. But he's not the easiest Champ to play. Become an S+ Thresh player with this quick guide.

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There are over 160 champions in League of Legends at the moment, all of them offer different play styles. One of the most interesting is Thresh. The Chain Warden is a gruesome keeper of souls and one of the best supporters in the current meta.

In this guide we will explain, which abilities Thresh posses and how to use them to their full potential. Easy to learn, hard to master. This phrase fits Thresh perfectly. So let's start with the abilities

League of Legends-Champion Thresh: Abilities

To perform on Thresh, you have to know his abilities and when to use them, timing is everything. These are Thresh's abilities:

  • Passive: Damnation - Thresh gathers souls from defeated champions, minions and jungle monsters. These will gibe him additional armor and ability power.
  • Q: Death Sentence - Thresh throws his chain in a straight line and will hook the first enemy it hits. This will move the target in your direction and deal damage.
  • W: Dark Passage - Thresh throws his lantern, that allies can take to get to thresh. It also offers a shield which sales with your gathered souls. Also, you can gather souls with the lantern.
  • E: Flay - Thresh flays his chain in the chosen direction. This will inflict damage. You can flay enemies away from you, or in your direction. The E also got a passive that will channel one stronger auto attack.
  • R: The Box - Thresh forms a pentagram of shadow-walls around him. These walls inflict damage to your opponents and slow them.

Item-and Runes Recommendations

With Thresh, you have the opportunity to go for several different item builds. But obviously you should focus on items that strengthen your role as a frontliner, engager and support. Even some more protective items for your teammates are possible.

As a supporter you should with the Relic Shield, this item offers you some additional tank stats for the early game and help you out with the gold problem of the support role. Additionally, it's nice to clear away the minions with it, to create space for your hooks.

Personal tip: I like to play Thresh with the Steel Shoulderguards. These items give you some Attack Damage and helps you while trading damage with the enemy laners. Stronger auto attacks are always favorable in the early game.

Other recommended items are:

  • Knight's Vow - Offers more tankiness for your allies and yourself. It also heals you, when your connected allay is dealing damage.
  • Redemption - Offers some tank stats and gives you the opportunity to heal teammates over a long distance. It's especially useful in team fights or n team fights orientated team comps.
  • Dead Man's Plate - Gives you additional movement speed and charges a strong auto attack. Stronger autos are always welcome on Thresh, and so is speed. You're a roaming support sometimes, remember this!

The runes are easy to pick for a champ like Thresh. Just go with the Resolve-Tree and you're prepared for all conditions. The second tree is harder to choose and depends on your play style.

Personal Tip: I play Thresh as a roaming support and like the Zombie Ward rune very much. It offers you the opportunity to build up more vision on the map and around your lane.

Recommended Runes are:

  • Aftershock - Gives you additional resistances and deals damage to enemies after you stunned them.
  • Font of Life - Offers healing to your allies, when they damage stunned or slowed enemies
  • Unflinching - Gives you additional tenacity and slow reduction.

These are just recommendations, but please remember to change your runes from game to game if needed. And you should always have an eye on your team comp and the needs of your team!

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League of Legends: Besides his wonderfull play style, Thresh also got some of the nicest skins in the game. | © Riot Games

Thresh: Play Style

As we already pointed out, Thresh is a versatile champ that can be played in different kinds. Most of the time, Thresh is played as a support on the bot lane and is known for his deadly hooks. But he can also protect and peel for his lane partner with his abilities. So you have a lot of options to make the bot lane a living hell for your opponents.

His passive ability, Damnation, offers Thresh to collect soul fragments, which increases your armor and ability power. Be aware of this fact and try to collect as many souls as possible. In this kind of way, Thresh is a forever scaling champion.

His Q ability, Death Sentence, better known as THE HOOK, is the most important tool in Thresh's kit. With the chain, you're able to hook enemies and draw them closer to you. You can also reactivate the ability and pull yourself to the hooked enemy. Timing is everything here. So watch out for opportunities, or space between minions, to land him.

His W ability, called Dark Passage, is for sure the second most important ability of Thresh. With a throw of the lantern, you're able to safe allies out of dangerous situations or help your jungler while he's ganking your lane. You just have to remember your teammates to TAKE THE LANTERN!! The lantern also gives a shield to allied champs, which scales with your collected soul fragments.

Flay, the E ability, is your main source for crowd control. With it, you can flay enemies in your direction or knock them back. It should be used to engage or peel. The typical combo would be hooking the enemy, pull yourself closer, and then flay him into the direction of your allies. You can also use it to stop the enemy jungler from ganking your lane. For example, it's possible to flay Zac back, while he is midair.

Threshs ulti, The Box, is just as versatile as the whole champion. You can use it to strengthen your engage and crowd control or to build up a slowing wall to peel for your team.

So, with these simple tips and explanations, we laid a stable foundation for your Thresh gameplay. The champ is easy to learn, but hard to master.

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