How To Get Better at Warding: A LoL Warding Guide

League ward guide
Those who warded the Rift will win it. | ©Riot Games

Knowledge is power on the Summoner’s Rift – knowing where your opponents are will help you survive ganks, secure objectives and win teamfights. Improving your warding skills is critical to your success. With that in mind, welcome to our League of Legends warding guide! We will show you how to get better at warding.

When people think of peak League of Legends, they often think of the flashy outplays, but a big part of the game is controlling the map - and to do that, you need good vision. There is a lot to know, and we will try to help you become better at keeping an eye on the rest of the Rift. That way, you guys will get gold quick! Information is half the battle.

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How To Get Better at Warding: A LoL Warding Guide

Wards give your team vision over a small part of the map around where they are deployed. Like with a champion, a ward's vision is blocked by terrain and the ward can only see what is in a bush if in it.

The most readily available source of wards is the warding token trinket. It starts with 1 charge and will generate a new ward every 240 seconds, holding up to 2. The duration of the wards increases from 90 to 120 seconds as the champions level.

The second way is to have an upgraded support item. It can then hold 3 (four after the second upgrade) charges that get refreshed on the fountain, and the wards last 150 seconds. Oh, and by the way: all those wards become stealthed shortly after deployment, therefor are called stealth wards.

Wards Don't Only Provide Vision

You can teleport to a ward (making it visible but not targetable in the process) and a champion can only have 3 such wards on the map. At Level 9, a champion can exchange their warding token for a farsight alteration. It can place a single ward from a big distance, but these wards do not become stealthed, die in a single hit and cannot be teleported to. But they certainly are the go-to choice for ADC's and other squishies, to secure vision without risking a death.

The Ward Counter

The Oracle Lens, the final trinket, does not allow you to deploy a ward, but instead, reveals stealthed wards and opponents near you, and even disables wards it reveals. It can be very important to deny enemy vision, but disabling a ward can also let you pull off a gank without letting the enemy know. If you did that, do not attack the ward – the enemy team will see it was attacked.

Finally, control wards are purchased in the shop and a champion can only have one deployed at a time. They are not stealthed, do not expire on their own and reveal and disable any non-control ward in their radius and even reveal stealthed champions or traps – but not champions with true invisibility like Akali or Shaco.

Warding Guide: Ward Placement

Since wards are limited, it is important to use them on locations enemies will try to come from. Many people playing in a side lane will ward the nearest bush in a river, but this does not always give you enough time to react.

Instead, it is often worth it to ward the “tribush” near the tower and a bit further off – the small “pixel bush” near the mid lane, and in front of the ramp that leads from the blue buff to the dragon or Baron pit. If the enemy jungler can pass through walls – like Shaco, Kayn or Sejuani – it can be good to ward over the wall instead, to catch them off guard, early.

How to get better at warding league
Green markers for bot side, purple markers for top side. | © Reddit/LeagueSchool

As the game progresses, the teams will often fight near neutral objectives like the Rift Herald, the dragons, and the Baron. In those cases, you want to keep wards on the entrance of the pit and one behind it, where there is often a blast cone. Move your vision to where you will be fighting. Ward the enemy jungle if you have an advantage, and your own if you are pressed back – but always try to ensure you have a ward near a big objective shortly before it spawns.

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