LEC Awards: Vote for the All-Pro LEC Team Now!

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The regular season of competitive League of Legends is coming to an end. The LEC Superweek is over and the 6 teams for the playoffs are fixed. That also means it's time again for us to participate in the LEC Awards. Who was the best player in each lane? Who has what it takes to become a LEC All-Pro? Now it's up to you, the community, to pick the best LoL players of this LEC season.

This LEC Superweek was quite an exciting split. Underdogs, like Misfits, fought with the favorites to sit at the adult's table and tried to win their piece of the LoL pie. G2 Esports made their fans despair in the first half of the summer. And more roster changes occurred than ever before! The summer has been extremely hot and I'm hungry for a piece of humble apple pie! The All-Pro Awards are exactly what we need to cap off this season's split.

It is still s not yet clear who will make it to Worlds 2021. After a short break teams will be back at it again starting August 13. We'll let you know who will be among the best of the best as soon as we know.

LoL: Vote for the All-Pro LEC Team now!

It's time again for the LEC Awards. Riot needs your help and wants to know who was your favorite at each position in this season. Who were the best junglers and mid-laners this season? Who was the best support? Who failed so badly they should be booted off their team...okay maybe not that question! But, what you can decide is, who will play in the All-Pro match.

If you want to support your favorite pro and see him play at the All-Star Event at the end of the year, you'll need to vote for him first!

How do I vote for my LEC All-Pro?

He's the Short and sweet of it: vote for the LEC All-Pro Awards on the official LoL site. The poll is very simple. You can select 3 players per position. Of course, you can only vote for players who actually played that position in the split. Just drag the names to the respective position 1-3 and you're done. Do the whole thing once for each position and you're done. Now sit back and relax and see who wins. As soon as the results of the LEC Awards are known, we will let you know in this article.

While the pros prepare, you can tap into their knowledge. Check out our guides from Get Good Coaching:

We all know the memes in the LoL community and that no one takes the voting system seriously....and In the end, only G2 will be elected anyway. Since everyone, just votes for their favorite team and not actual skill, may the biggest fan base win!

Meme as much as you want on G2 we all know Hans and Inspired definitely deserve a spot on the team, don't you think?

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