LEC is Back For More in Round 2 (Updated)

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The LEC playoffs continue! This week, we will several hard-fought battles. On Friday, Misfits Gaming take on Fnatic in the lower bracket, while G2 awaits the victor on Sunday. Meanwhile, Saturday will give us a rematch of the spring finals as Rogue and MAD Lions go head to head.

After a series of hard-fought battles last week, the five teams that remain in the running for the LEC trophy are back in action! After securing their places in the upper bracket (and Worlds), Rogue and MAD Lions will face off on Saturday in a repeat of their five-game spring final. Meanwhile, Fnatic comes off a war with Team Vitality only to face a Misfits Gaming that pushed Rogue to the limit. The winner will face off G2 Esports. It promises to be crazy weekend!

G2 Esports 2-3 Fnatic

Fnatic and G2 offered us an even fight early on, with Jankos leading his team for a kil lead while Fnatic dominating the bot lane. The teams continued brawling in the mid-game, but a 3-0 for G2 23 minutes in gave them the first Baron and the first big lead. Fnatic got a Baron of their own 30 minutes in, but they lost three and could not defend their base as G2 pushed for the win.

Fnatic came back fast and furious in game 2, getting an early lead in the bottom lane and using it to snowball the game. Upset’s Tristana was on fire as the Fnatic AD carry piled on the damage time and again. Fnatic dominated the teamfights and equalized the series.

Fnatic had a great start to game 3 as well, yet again dominating the early game. However, a single overchase 20 minutes in saw G2 get a much-needed series of shutdowns in a 3-2 victory. They secured the Baron and even better, won a teamfight on the way out. Fnatic still fought on, but G2 dominated the teamfights and picked Fnatic’s base apart to secure their second win.

If G2 thought that Fnatic would rein in their aggression, though, their old rivals quickly disabused them of the notion. Fnatic went all out from the opening minutes and while they overstepped a few times, they won most fights. Fnatic had a huge gold lead - 11K at just 17 minutes - and pressed G2 around the map for a quick win. It was time for for Silver Scrapes.

In the end, it came to one single game. Once again, Fnatic got several early kills and. Adam’s Darius top threatened to take over. G2 held on for a time but the pressure only got stronger as the game continued. 21 minutes in, they had to contest a Baron, but ended up losing three instead. Fnatic was fully in control and five minutes later, two kills gave them the advantaged needed to end the game, win the series and deny their rivals a Worlds spot for the first time.

Rogue 0-3 MAD Lions

MAD Lions started the series with a stellar first game, using their pressure lead to expertly shut Rogue down in the top lane, then rotate their power around the map. Despite Rogue’s attempts to trade, MAD gave them few opportunities and conceded only two kills before a 4-0 30 minutes in gave them the opportunity to end the game.

When the teams returned for game two, however, they kicked it up a notch. Despite another poor start, Rogue kept close in gold and their scaling composition showed its teeth in the mid-lane. MAD replied with some masterful teamfighting and the teams traded blows for nearly fifty minutes. Hans Sama's Aphelios piled on insane damage, but in several key fights MAD found a way to get to him and shut him down. In the end, it took an ocean soul and an Elder drake for MAD to get four kills in the enemy base and get to match point.

Rogue needed to pull off a reverse sweep to win this series - and early on in game, they looked ready to do it. A series of kills gave them advantages top and mid that more than offset MAD's kills in the bottom lane. However, the Lions never stopped fighting, even when an early baron put Rogue 10K gold up. The spring champions kept finding teamfights and slowly got back in the game. When they got an elder drake and an ace 34 minutes in, it was enough to end the game and secure their place in the finals.

Misfits Gaming 2-3 Fnatic

Fnatic came out swinging in the first game, putting Misfits on the back foot from the start with a lot of pressure in the bottom lane. They dominated the objectives and snowballed the game for an impressive victory.

Misfits’ woes continued early in the second game, but they managed to get back with several clutch fights, establishing a small lead. The two teams kept brawling, but it was Misfits who came out ahead, securing an early Baron. They pushed mid with it and a key teamfight saw them rout Fnatic for a quick win to tie the series.

Fnatic apparently took the loss personally and in game 3, they punished Misfits for it. A series of early plays once more put the veterans ahead and they kept the pressure on Misfits, pushing them back time after time. Upset and Nisqy racked kill after kill. The game ended up longer than the previous one, but Fnatic kept a nearly one kill per minute rate throughout it.

Now on match point, Fnatic had another great start with two early kills - only to overstep and lose four in return. Finally getting an early lead, Misfits snowballed and looked set to get an easy win, but Fnatic stayed in the game with a series of picks and even got the first Baron. However, Misfits secured the second one and went for a siege when Fnatic forced a base race. It was a close thing, but Misfits got on top and got us to game five.

In the final game, both teams were a lot more cautious, leading to a very even and low-kill game. It took 29 minutes for Fnatic to finally get a big lead as a clutch Rupture from Adam's Cho'Gath led to three kills and the mountain soul. Misfits chose to roll the dice for the Elder drake and despite a kill on the enemy support, they were still pushed out. Fnatic got the ace and with it, enough time to end the game.

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