LEC Week 1 MVP: VIT Bo

Team Vitality hit the ground running in the LEC, winning all 3 games in their first week. In his LEC debut, Zhou "Bo" Yang-Bo shone bright.

B Team 2501
Bo was a powerhouse in the jungle! | © Riot Games

The LEC 2023 Winter Split has begun and after a hectic three-day opening weekend we are left with a lot of great (and some less than great) moves and amazing outplays. In the end, we saw several teams with high expectations on them miss a beat, while teams we weren´t sure on shone more than we expected. It is hard to shine above the rest with that level of rapid-fire games, but in our view, no one did it better than Team Vitality´s much-hyped new jungler Zhou "Bo" Yang-Bo.

The Chinese jungler, who in 2021 was suspended for several months for involvement in match fixing in the LDL, somewhat quietly joined Vitality as a substitute in June 2022. This year saw his official debut in the LEC in matches with Fnatic, Team Heretics and MAD Lions. Vitality was able to defeat each one and their jungler showed that rumors of his amazing skill were very much not overblown.

Bo was a big factor in Vitality´s comeback against Fnatic and in how they outclassed Team Heretics despite a big fight going to the underdogs. However, he was at his best against MAD Lions, where his coordination with Luka "Perkz" Perković led to Vitality shutting down the normally reliable Yasin "Nisqy" Dinçer and his counterpart Javier "Elyoya" Prades Batalla, despite the MAD jungler getting a very good start.

Bo played three junglers so far - Graves, Sejuani and Vi. It speaks to his performance that his Graves was banned in the second game and the Sejuani in the third, yet he showed a very good performance on all three. He was very active on the map, especially in the game against MAD Lions, but his ganks were clutch to Vitality getting early advantages in all three.

GameKills Deaths Assists
Game 1: Graves548
Game 2: Sejuani
Game 3: Vi

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Vitality is running high now and fans are already stoked for its clash with the other yet undefeated squad, G2 Esports. Will Bo´s star keep shining bright, or will another promising LEC rookie - G2´s Martin "Yike" Sundelin.

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