LEC Week 8: Underdogs Rise in LEC's Closing Week

Fnatic vs msf lec week 8
It was not an easy week for Fnatic fans. (Credit: Riot Games)

The final super weekend of the LEC spring split saw three days of games, plenty of upsets, and surprisingly no tiebreakers. G2 Esports and Rogue both saw upsets but retain their positions for the playoffs, while a last-moment surge by Schalke saw them pass Fnatic and SK to take fourth place.

The League of Legends European Championship entered its final week on Friday. Like in the opening weekend, it followed a “super week” format with games on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

After LEC's Week 7, G2 Esports and Rogue were comfortably at the top with an iron grip on the first two positions. Under them, however, things were looking pretty spicy - and we were about to find out just how explosive they could get.

LEC 2021 Spring Split: Week 8 Day 1

Rogue vs SK Gaming

From the opening minutes, Rogue took the lead in this game and just seven minutes in, they already had four kills. SK were unable to stop them and only fell further behind until a successful interrupt of the first Baron 22 minutes in, but by then Rogue’s advantage was too strong.

The favorites eventually secured the big objective eight minutes later and took apart their opponent's base. SK managed one desperate defense in the face of a Baron buff and mountain soul, but Rogue came back and sealed the deal.

Astralis vs Team Vitality

While Astralis had already lost their chance at a playoff spot, they could still play spoiler. They started strong with great early game movement by jungler Nikolay "Zanzarah" Akatov on Udyr.

Vitality proved their tenacity, however, and managed to recover the game somewhat. They clung on even in the face of a Pentakill for Matti "WhiteKnight" Sormunen’s Renekton and an elder dragon. It took Astralis routing them after a risky Baronsecure to put them down and end the game.

Fnatic vs FC Schalke 04

The clash between Fnatic and Schalke would be clutch in both teams’ playoff placement and the two squads quickly came to blows. The 2020 summer finalists got the early lead, but Schalke quickly equalized.

Fnatic had a dragon lead and eventually secured the mountain soul, but even that was not enough. Schalke took the first baron and won a decisive teamfight 30 minutes in that allowed them to storm the Fnatic base and take the win.

Misfits Gaming vs MAD Lions

We had high expectations of the match between the strong MAD Lions squad and the resurgent Misfits and this game delivered. The Lions got a big early advantage and they translated it in the mid-game, securing an early Baron and two inhibitors.

Misfits were able to secure a dragon soul, however. The game continued going back and forth until 39 minutes in, where Misfits turned around a MAD engage and got four kills that allowed them to take the win.

Good Game
It was one of these games

Excel Esports vs G2 Esports

With their playoff hopes on the line, Excel started strong against the summer champions. They punished G2’s early aggression and slowly extended their lead.

Patrik "Patrik" Jírů took over the game and a kill on his opposite number saw XL get a Baron 32 minutes in. Even then, G2 did not go down easy, forcing a base race. Excel was too far ahead, however, and they ended the evening with yet another upset.

LEC 2021 Spring Split: Week 8 Day 2

Astralis vs SK Gaming

Astralis continued to play spoiler in this game against SK. After an even early game where they lost the first blood but had a stronger early drake, they edged their opponents in the mid-game.

A long standoff 26 minutes in broken their favor with great Sylas play by mid laner Carl Felix "MagiFelix" Boström, leading to an ace, mountain soul and an uncontested Baron they used to win the game.

Team Vitality vs FC Schalke 04

After their good start of the season, Schalke had to once more rally in the last minute to take a playoff spot. Several good plays after the 10-minute mark saw them quickly grow a lead from what had been a pretty even game. Good draft and good teamfight execution kept the Royal Blues ahead of the game and secured them a clutch win.

Rogue vs Excel Esports

Despite a good start for the favorites, Excel quickly recovered and evened the game out. With their better scaling, they looked good in the mid-game teamfights and would eventually secure a powerful ocean soul.

Rogue got the Baron soon afterwards, but they were caught on the way out, losing two kills and an inhibitor. With this, the British squad took over and ended the game several minutes later with a great engage and a quadra kill for Patrik.

Misfits Gaming vs Fnatic

With Fnatic on a downward swing and Misfits on the cusp of making playoffs, both teams came in eager to fight. Fnatic got an early first blood, but their bloodlust soon backfired when Misfits got a triple kill on their AD Carry Kasper "Kobbe" Kobberup just seven minutes into the game. They would continue getting big fight after a big fight, bodying Fnatic in the mid-game.

A 4-0 saw them take a Baron just 20 minutes in. Three minutes later, they once more nearly aced Fnatic, ending the game with the fastest LEC match of the spring and making a statement they are not to be underestimated.

G2 Esports vs MAD Lions

Eager to secure their top 4 spot, MAD Lions threw themselves at the 2020 summer champions. They maintained a gold lead throughout the game and even a hero Baron steal by G2 worked for them: the Lions got three kills in return and secured the Infernal soul.

The champions tried to secure the elder dragon, but MAD stole it and won the ensuing teamfight. With this win, they have a fixed spot in the upper playoff bracket.

G2 is still guaranteed a top 2 spot, however, and their 2-0 record against their only competitor Rogue would give them the edge if the two teams end with the same win-loss record.

LEC 2021 Spring Split: Week 8 Day 3

Team Vitality vs Misfits Gaming

Misfits Gaming started their key game against Team Vitality well, getting first blood and the first two drakes. However, the French squad dominated the mid-game teamfights.

Misfits found no way to shut down Juš "Crownshot" Marušič’s fed Xayah. 25 minutes into the game, Vitality aced their opponents and secured the Baron. With it, they broke into the enemy base, withstood the desperate attack by the Misfits and took the game.

This loss leaves Misfits Gaming out of playoffs and guarantees a top 6 spot for SK Gaming and Fnatic.

Excel Esports vs FC Schalke 04

In a clash neither team could afford to lose, Schalke got an early lead, securing first blood via Felix "Abbedagge" Braun’s midlane Nocturne. Their global-heavy composition focused on bursting Excel AD Carry Patrik time and again. Schalke secured an early Baron and pushed their opponents in the base. When it respawned, Excel opted to secure it in a desperate gamble - but the German team went for the Nexus instead, once again securing a playoff spot and denying one to Excel.

Astralis vs MAD Lions

In a game which had little impact for both teams’ placement, MAD put their players on off-roles, giving us support Kaiser playing Nocturne top and jungler Elyoya on Quiana mid. The teams opted for a fun brawl, throwing themselves at each other again and again. Despite a weaker start, Astralis was eventually able to take over after an ace 22 minutes in and finished the game five minutes later.

G2 Esports vs SK Gaming

With the first place for the season on the line and two losses for the week, G2 Esports was not in the mood to play with SK Gaming. Jankos dominated the early game, getting six kills in the first ten minutes. The summer champions remained ahead for much of the game despite SK’s best efforts and eventually used the Baron to take down the SK base and secure their first place during the regular season.

Hail to the king - again

Rogue vs Fnatic

Despite no longer having a chance to take the first place, Rogue were on point in the last game against Fnatic. The 2020 finalists started in their usual aggressive style, but time and again,they got punished. Rogue had a near-unsurmountable lead in the mid-game and Fnatic’s desperate defense only delayed the inevitable. With this loss, Fnatic now slip to fifth place before the playoffs start, their lowest position since 2016.

This weekend concludes the regular LEC split. Fnatic and SK Gaming will face off in the lower bracket, with the loser being eliminated from the playoff. In the upper bracket, G2 Esports have picked FC Schalke 04 as their initial opponent, leaving Rogue to take on MAD Lions.


The LEC playoffs begin on March 26. For more LoL news and analysis, make sure you follow our coverage. You can also follow us on Facebook and join our Discord channel.

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