Leona and Diana Confirmed to be LGBTQIA+

Rise with me LoL Diana and Leona
Diana and Leona in their newest story written by Dana Luery Shaw | © Riot Games

A few weeks ago, Riot announced their plans for this year's Pride Month as well as new LGBTQIA+ champion lore. New pride booms were added to TFT, new rainbow homeguards added to Wild Rift and rainbow icons across all League of Legends platforms. They also added pride emotes depicting Diana and Leona.

Now they released Diana and Leona’s new story 'Rise With Me', depicting the time the young women spent together as acolytes of the Solari. The story is unique and gives insight into a whole new dynamic between the two champions.

Who are Diana and Leona?

Diana and Leona are acolytes of the Solari. While Diana is the ward of the Rakkor and an outsider due to her questioning of the Solari faith, Leona is the daughter of the Sunforgers and highly regarded by the priestesses and instructors.

The two are complete opposites but come together in the story Rise With Me to form a friendship and eventually also a relationship. In League of Legends lore, it is also stated that Diana is the aspect of the moon while Leona is the aspect of the sun. Them coming together could unite both the Solari and the Lunari.

Leona and Diana
Leona and Diana sneaking into the Nightless Eve festival. | © Riot Games

What is Rise With Me?

Rise with me is a new League of Legends story depicting Diana and Leona and their time as young women. The story is told from multiple points of views, switching between Diana, Leona as well as instructors of the Solari faith and even Leona's parents. The main story is depicted through notes, journal entries and letters sent between the characters.

Rise With Me goes into the background lore of both Diana and Leona and confirms the two of them to be lovers. While previously it has been hinted at, this is the first time that it has been officially made canon.

Are There Other LGBTQIA+ Champions in League of Legends?

Diana is the first champion in League of Legends to be LGBTQIA+, though it was never confirmed before the ‘Rise With Me’ story. Other LGBTQIA+ champions who are confirmed is Neeko, which can be seen in some of her voice lines, preferring female champions over male ones whenever she encounters them in-game.

Of course, fans have some suspicions about champions like Taric being gay, due to his flamboyant look and attitude. Though in his champion lore not a single hint is given to him being gay, but maybe Riot will change that someday?

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