EU Masters Main Event Week 2 - Streams and Results (Updated)

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Week 2 is on - who will make it to playoffs and who will go home?

The European Masters Main Event continues! The 16 best regional teams in Europe continue their fight. Who will make it to the playoffs and who will have to watch the rest of the event from their monitors?

The EU Masters continues from Tuesday, April 20th, with the second half of the group stage. Last week, we already saw some of the favorites stake a claim and several underdogs rise up to challenge it. However, it will all be for nothing if they cannot keep it up this week. So, follow the event with us to see which eight teams will reach the quarterfinals and who the rising stars will be.



You can follow the EU Masters games in English on YouTube and Twitch, as well as in other languages on the following links:


Day8 Standings1
The results after the group stage. The top 2 teams from each groups advance to the playoffs (Credit: Riot Games)

Day 8

Karmine Corp cemented themselves in the lead of Group D with a clean win against Cream Real Betis. KC managed to contain their opponents in the early game, before taking over with a teamfight-focused composition that gave Betis no choice. In the next game, FC Schalke 04 Evolution started strong, but BT Excel kept themselves in the game punishing their opponents' overextension and eventually took over the game with on Jørgen "Hatrixx" Elgåen's Akali.

Akali 14
Hatrixx' Akali was definitely sporting some serious hardware (Credit: Riot Games)

If KC's win against Real was clean, that against Schalke was overwhelming. The French squad put on the pressure from the start and amassed a 10K gold lead before the 15-minute mark and ended the game in under 17 minutes, beating Misfits Premier's record from Tuesday. Cream Real Betis and BT Excel, meanwhile, were neck and neck in game 4 until 28 minutes. A bloody fight ended in a decisive win for Excel and a Pentakill for Andrei "Orome" Popa. Excel soon triumphed, ensuring a playoff spot for themselves

It's good that they did, because their next game was against Karmine Corp, and the LFL champions were merciless from the early game. The UK team tried to exploit the times they went too far, but CK bulldozed through them, averaging than one kill per minute. The day ended with a bloody fiesta between Schalke and Real Betis, who decided to go out with style in a flurry of kills and skillchecks that kept the game close for nearly 39 minutes with both teams racking as many kills - but in the end, Schalke triumphed.

  • Karmine Corp 1-0 Cream Real Betis
  • BT Excel 1-0 Schalke 04 Evolution
  • Karmine Corp 1-0 Schalke 04 Evolution
  • Cream Real Betis 0-1 BT Excel
  • BT Excel 0-1 Karmine Corp
  • Schalke 04 Evolution 1-0 Cream Real Betis

Day 7

Mousesports came close to defeating UCAM Esports Club and even secured a cloud soul in the opening game of Group C. However, a single teamfight win 30 minutes in the Spanish champion claim the elder dragon soul and Baron. With these two buffs, they easily closed the game. UCAM secured the first spot in the next game, defeating Illuminar Gaming. While the game was initially close, they outperformed IHG in the mid-game and used the first Baron to break the enemy base, ending 36 minutes in.

Ucam team 23041
UCAM look impossible to stop. Who will take them on in playoffs? (Credit: UCAM Esports Club)

Mousesports' woes continued against Macko Esports as the Italian team assumed control from the early game and never let go. Led by Sebastian "Sebekx" Smejkal on Renekton, the PGL champions left their opponents no chance and scored their first win of the tournament. It was only in their third game of the day that mouse stepped up, coming out on top of Illuminar in the early brawls and dominated the mid-game to keep their playoff hopes alive.

UCAM easily dispatched Macko to finish the group 6-0, but this made the next game between the PGL team and the last Ultraliga representative that much more important. The Italian team started with several early kills and good dragon control. The Polish squad fought back, even securing the elder drake, but it was not enough - Macko pushed for the Nexus and just barely took it down, ensuring that they, Illuminar and mousesports would play a tiebreaker for second place.


Sadly for Illuminar, things were even worse in the tiebreaker. Macko were unstoppable, conceding only one kill and one tower all game to knock the last Ultraliga representative out of the tournament. However, the tables were turned in the next game, where mousesports got off to an early lead and executed better in the mid-game teamfights. in the last possible moment, the German team snatched the second playoff seed in this group.

  • mousesports 0-1 UCAM Esports Club
  • UCAM Esports Club 1-0 Illuminar Gaming
  • Macko Esports 1-0 mousesports
  • mousesports 1-0 Illuminar Gaming
  • UCAM Esports Club 1-0 Macko Esports
  • Illuminar Gaming 0-1 Macko Esports
  • Tiebreaker 1: Macko Esports 1-0 Illuminar Gaming
  • Tiebreaker 2: mousesports 1-0 Macko Esports

Day 6:

Wednesday was the day of Group A. Berlin International Gaming guaranteed their playoff spot in a dominant first game against Anorthosis Famagusta Esports. The Prime League champions took over in the early brawls and ended the game in under twenty minutes, having scored 24 kills. The second game, meanwhile, saw K1CK in a desperate fight for their playoff hopes against Mkers. After a relatively bloodless early game, a bad fight 22 minutes in gave K1CK several teamfights and the Baron. However, Mkers got back into the game and won with a showy backdoor play.

The Ultraliga team was already eliminated, but could still play spoiler to Anorthosis. Several early skirmishes gave K1CK the lead and despite being 0-3 in drakes, they played the mid-game fights better and took their first win of the event. In the showdown at the top of the table, Mkers put up a valiant effort against BIG. Both teams came close to winning before the German team won a clutch teamfight 36 minutes in to take the game.

Anorthosis ended the day with a win, going for an unorthodox draft with Nasus top and Garen jungle against Mkers. It was a bloody game, but the Greek team's dragon control eventually gave them the infernal soul and they used it to get the decisive lead. BIG, meanwhile, had no problems in the last game against K1CK, opting for a brawl-heavy style and ending with 34 kills in 25 minutes to finish the group stage undefeated.

  • Berlin International Gaming 1-0 Anorthosis Famagusta Esports
  • K1CK 0-1 Mkers
  • Anorthosis Famagusta Esports 0-1 K1CK
  • Berlin International Gaming 1-0 Mkers
  • Mkers 0-1 Anorthosis Famagusta Esports
  • K1CK 0-1 Berlin International Gaming

Day 5:

Tuesday saw the games of Group B resolved. G2 Arctic opened the day with a victory over ŠAIM SE SuppUp. In only their their first win of the main event stage, G2A drafted a teamfighting composition and after a very strong early game outmatched SuppUp's assassin-heavy composition, winning all the fights and giving them no easy targets to pick off. Misfits Premier and AGO ROGUE were next: the 2020 summer champions picked a scaling composition, but MSFP pressured them early and snowballed out of control, using mountain soul and Baron to secure the win.

It turns out that was just the warm-up. Misfits' early aggression demolished ŠAIM SE SuppUp in the opening minutes. In one of the most one-sided stomps of European League of Legends, the LFL team took an inhibitor 16 minutes in and ended the game less than a minute later.


However, SuppUp bounced back against AGO ROGUE, drafting a scaling comp yet taking charge of the game early. The EBL team was on point in objective control and secured a mountain soul, a Baron and an elder dragon to end decisively.

It was do or die for G2 Arctic against Misfits Premier, but the LFL team was just too good. Misfits Premier dominated the map and used the Baron to pull G2 apart, break into their base and ace them to end the game. With their fate sealed, G2 Arctic could only play spoiler against AGO Rogue, and that's just what they did in a decisive 26-minute game. With this, Misfits Premier and ŠAIM SE SuppUp will go to play-offs and AGO ROGUE will not be able to defend their Summer 2020 title.

  • G2 Arctic 1-0 ŠAIM SE SuppUp
  • AGO ROGUE 0-1 Misfits Premier
  • Misfits Premier 1-0 ŠAIM SE SuppUp
  • ŠAIM SE SuppUp 1-0 vs AGO ROGUE
  • G2 Arctic 0-1 Misfits Premier
  • AGO ROGUE 0-1 G2 Arctic


EUM bracket1
With the playoffs starting soon, expect even more high-stakes games! (Credit:Riot Games)

The EU Masters continues next week with the playoffs. In the meantime, follow our Facebook page and join us on Discord so you can keep up to date with news and analysis from your favorite games!