Live: Worlds 2020 Semifinals: Streams and Results (UPDATED)

Who will win the DWG-G2 Rematch? Image credit: Riot Games

The League of Legends World Championship has entered its semifinal stage. Will DAMWON have their revenge or will G2 go to their second Worlds finals? Will Top confirm they are the best LPL team or will Suning show up when it matters the most?

After one month of games, four teams enter the Worlds 2020 semifinals. On October 24th, LCK champions DAMWON Gaming face off against LEC champions G2 Esports in a rematch that mirrors the 2019 semifinal. Last time, G2 swept the Korean teams, but this time DWG come in as big favorites after a dominant split in Korea and an impressive groups performance at Worlds. On the other side of the bracket, Suning will try to take down the LPL champions Top Esports on October 25th While Top was by far the stronger team during the split, they just came off a nerve-wracking five-game series against Fnatic, while Suning has steadily been ramping up. The Saturday games start from 12 PM CEST, while the Sunday semifinal kicks off an hour earlier.

Worlds 2020 Playoff Stage: All Streams

Here are some of the streams you can watch Worlds at:

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French: Twitch

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Polish: Twitch / YouTube

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Worlds 2020 Playoff Results

Congratulations to DAMWON Gaming and Suning, the 2020 Worlds finalists!

Day 2: Top Esports 1-3 Suning

Top esports had a good start in the opening game and after taking three early dragons looked set to win. However, Suning won several fights to prevent them from getting the mountain soul, claiming the victory after an ace 28 minutes in. The LPL champions fell behind early in game two, but they mounted a comeback of their own and after a clutch 2-0 fight pushed in towards the enemy base to equalize the series at 1-1.

Suning did not get discouraged from the loss, however, and with a great early performance from Lê "SofM" Quang Duy’s jungle Shen smashed Top in the starting minutes of game 3. The favorites slowed down the game, but but an attempt to kill Chen "Bin" Ze-Bin’s Jax 34 minutes backfired and Suning took an ocean soul and a Baron, closing the game shortly afterwards. Suning looked to have a similarly good start in game four, but Top rallied and looked set to dominate the mid-game with a good teamfighting comp. However, once again they could not keep up with Suning in the mid-game after getting aced 23 minutes when their carries got caught and Xiang "Angel" Tao’s Akali cleaned up. The underdogs took over the map, took two barons and after another ace 40 minutes in ended the series 3-1. In their first big international event, Suning avenged their loss in the LPL playoffs and will face off against LCK champions DAMWON Gaming in the final.

  • Top Esports 0-1 Suning
  • Suning 0-1 Top Esports
  • Top Esport 0-1 Suning
  • Suning 1-0 Top Esportss

Day 1: DAMWON Gaming 3-1 G2 Esports

DAMWON started strong in game 1, punishing G2’s early game composition and demolishing them in the mid-game as the LEC champions tried to claw their way back into the game. G2 struck back, however, getting a good opening in game 2. DWG equalized the game, but the European team kept stacking the drakes and a big fight 25 minutes in gave them a baron and an infernal soul. With them, they took over the map and soon equalized the series.

Now back to even, the two teams kept trading blows in game three. Eventually, DAMWON started coming out ahead and after they took a mountain soul, G2 simply did not have enough firepower to punch through. The LCK champions had a better draft in game four and made the most of it, smashing the early game and pressing G2 across the map. All it took was 2 picks for them 18 minutes in to break the mid inhibitor, pushing in and taking several more kills to end the game in record time. DAMWON took the series 3-1, avenging their 2019 loss and ensuring that, for the first time since 2017, a LCK team would be fighting in the Worlds finals.

  • G2 Esports 0-1 DAMWON Gaming
  • DAMWON Gaming 0-1 G2 Esports
  • G2 Esports 0-1 DAMWON Gaming
  • DAMWON Gaming 1-0 G2 Esports

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