LoL: Aatrox Champion Guide

LoL: Aatrox Champion Guide
Runes, Items, Counters: We've got everything you need to know about Aatrox, all wrapped up in a picture (Credit: Riot Games)

Our League Of Legends Champion Guide series starts with a banger. In this series we're taking a closer look at how to get the best out of a particular champion in League Of Legends. Today, it's Aatrox time.

The Darkin Blade rises out of the mist of its moloch and terrorizes the Top Lane. Aatrox has a lot of carry potential, at least if you have mastered some of his mechanics and unique fighting options. The most important thing, though, is to pick the right Aatrox matchups. Oh boy, he will go off like a rocket if you get the right opponent (no offense, Tristana). In this Aatrox guide, we're going to show you how to destroy with Aatrox.

Aatrox Playstyle

Aatrox Champion Guide: Play with the Passive

One of the Aatrox abilities that is most likely to help you get through a difficult laning phase is his slightly overloaded passive. Not only is there Bonus Attack Range and damage, but it also procs on-hit effects and, of course, heals you. Healing is by far the most important aspect, although, it's good to keep the bigger range in mind when playing as Aatrox, so that you can tickle your lane opponent from time to time.

The difference between a good and a bad Aatrox player usually comes from how often they are able to use their passive in a fight. If you manage to land some auto-attacks, abilities, or the sweet spot of your Q, Aatrox's passive cooldown decreases. That's when the tickle suddenly becomes deadly!

Aatrox Champion Guide: Maximize your CC with Clean Combos

As much as I love the variability of Aatrox abilities, he sometimes just ties my brain into a knot. For those of you inting involuntarily on a regular basis (like me), here's a little help. The most important abilities are Q and E, consisting both of different parts. So in the early game, try not to use your E too offensively, especially if you don't know where the enemy Jungler is. The cooldown is immense! Also, maximize DPS by using the E as an auto-attack reset.

You're playing Aatrox, so usually you want to let the early game lane-bully loose. But don't go too wild. There's a little rule: If you miss the first two parts of Aatrox' Q ability, stay calm, lie low, and try again later. You may even hit the third Q, empowered with E-Dash of course, but there is nothing else left! It's not really worth it, as your opponent usually comes out stronger. Not to mention, Aatrox counters like Irelia or Fiora will just dash around your face. On the other hand, if you hit the first or second part of your Q, then booya! Your accumulated Pro Aatrox skills should allow you to instantly put a W underneath the target. Another tip: Here's where you are able to animation cancel for a massive tempo boost.

Aatrox Skill Tree: As efficient as a glass of lemon water in the morning (Credit:

Aatrox Champion Guide: Look for the Squishies!

Aatrox is a fighter, and wants to sustain and life steal his way through encounters. This is especially true in the late game, when you will be able to combine all the boni from items, skills and Aatrox runes. Keep his power spikes in mind, as you will be strong at level 9 and 13, when Q and E are maxed. But still, the sad truth is that in a standard front-to-back team fight, you won't be doing very well. Aatrox is not a Frontliner who can tank the whole enemy team at once. Instead, you will rely heavily on elegant Teleport Plays or a sneaky sneak through the jungle onto the enemy carries. One thing is for sure, once you reach them, they'll be run over by the undead Aatrox powerhouse faster than they are able to pronounce "Galeforce".


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Hopefully this LoL Guide helped you get to know Aatrox. As we are on a constant strive to get better, maybe give some Feedback on Twitter or Facebook. It's greatly appreciated!