LoL: Ahri Champion Guide

Ahri Guide
Ahri counters, Ahri items, Ahri runes: Climb to challenger inc. (Credit: Tanja Kratzer)

In our Champion Guide Series, we present the most important mechanics and play styles for all of the League Of Legends champions. Today let's take a look at one of the oldest champions in LoL; one that hasn't really changed since its release in 2011 – my secret love – Ahri.

Ahri is a nine-tailed fox based on Korean folklore, the Kumiho, a creature that can transform into a beautiful woman to seduce men and then kill them to eat their liver or heart. This is mirrored in her LoL Champion, which absorbs the life essence of other humans. Enough LoL lore, though, we're here to learn about how to master Ahri!

She's an All-rounder, able to do a bit of anything. Without a doubt, Ahri deserves the chance to peek into your champion pool. She can be described as "easy to learn, hard to master", but don't you worry, that's what we're here for: making it a bit easier for you, in this Ahri Midlane guide.

If you're not used to playing Midlane, don't you worry! There's some interesting stuff to look at:

Ahri Mechanics

Ahri Champion Guide: Hitting both parts of the Q is essential

With her Q ability, Ahri throws a magical orb that directly returns to her. On the way back, it deals true damage to the opponent. So the best way to make sure that you hit the enemy with both parts of your Q is to cast it at maximum range, and damage the enemy with both parts at the same time. We know that this might seem like it's all-or-nothing, but it's the best way to ensure max damage. Especially in the early game, it's sometimes enough to get one hit in and proc electrocute with an auto-attack. This way, you gain a significant lead in the lane, and pressure your opponent.

Of course, there are multiple ways you can combine her Q with Ahri's ultimate for flashy outplays. Keep in mind, the orb can get curvier than pre-reworked Frostfire Irelia. Though changes have been made, and she's got some extra movement speed shifted to her W, the orb still remains the most important spell in Ahri's kit.

Ahri Champion Guide: Essence Theft in the lane

Ahri's strength has a lot to do with her passive. To sustain your way through the laning phase, it's essential to stack the essence theft and heal up in tricky situations. But as we all know: sometimes you'll find yourself in a position where you're not even able to step up to the minions. Maybe that's because jungle threats are too big, or maybe because there's a fed Akali waiting for you.

Anyway, if any of this happens, then the raptor camp is your friend. It's as easy as this: Just stack your passive, walk up to the wall and throw a Q. Remember to take a little step to the right before you walk back to lane. That's how you hit all the little dinosaurs as well, and guarantee maximum healing power.

Ahri Original Concept Art
Ahris's original concept art! (Credit: Riot Games)

Ahri Champion Guide: Be a playmaker

Yes we know, the Ahri Skins are juicy, but the gameplay is way more interesting. Ahri's champion design is based on trying to make plays, and limit testing without hesitation. So don't be afraid to use flash and ultimate in most situations. But of course, there are a few other mechanics to use if you actually use your hands (watch out for fractures!).

Our favorite one is probably the E-Flash-Mechanic: If you are pointing in a direction with the cursor, then press E and use your flash while the animation comes through – the charm will go in the direction that you first pointed. That is especially helpful if there are minions or other champions in the way. Also, you can cancel Ahri's animation that way. Difficult to predict, and even more difficult to dodge!

Also, one last tip: You'll get the most kills with Ahri while waiting in bushes until an opponent comes and falls in love with you. So be cheesy, and always (and I can't stress this enough) swap for sweeper during the midgame.


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