LoL: Newest Pentakill Vid Shows Just How Broken Akshan is!

Akshan League of Legends
Is Akshan as bad as everyone likes to think? | © Riot Games

The newest League of Legends Champion Akshan has had some problems finding his spot on the Rift, but as people gain an understanding of him, he's slowly inching his way into the OP tier.

fits into the scheme which most new champion designs seem to follow. A lot of mobility, an overloaded kit and a whole bunch of 1v9 potential. Oh, and like Yone, Gwen and Samira he's also got insane amounts of scaling. These are all the ingredients to a champion who is able to decide fights all on their own... and well, this is what happened not too long ago with Akshan.

Akshan Revives Whole Team

Thanks to Akshan's W ability, he is able to mark an opponent who has killed his allies as a scoundrel. If he manages to find this scoundrel and kill him, Akshan is able to revive those champions killed by the scoundrel. And well, that has led to some insane clips, the latest of which has gone viral on reddit.

The streamer, who is playing Kindred, manages to win the teamfight thanks to a pentakill. The team is at the enemy nexus, even has a wave of minions on their side. It's a done deal. Unfortunately for the streamer, Akshan killed him, just as he got the pentakill. So what does that mean? The entire team is revived. Don't believe us? Check out the video evidence of this tragedy:

Getting a Pentakill but Akshan Revives Everyone from leagueoflegends

Reddit Clip by "SnooCompliments7054".

All we can say is this: Feels Bad Man. But now it dawns on us, why Akshan has been disabled for the world championship in China. Imagine this mechanic used in the finals! The shit storm is brewing on the horizon already.

Sure, this wasn't the smartest play, but many players just tend to forget Akshan's W passive. This clip is gaining a lot of attention though and discussions regarding the champion and his place on the Rift. Since Yuumi's release, as well as Evelynn's rework, many players had the feeling that League of Legends is slowly being ruined.

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