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Amumu is one scary mummy!

In this season 11 champion guide and build we're going to be looking at Amumu in the jungle. Er will show you what makes this mummy so strong and how you can counter all those pesky assassins roaming the rift. So check out our Amumu champion guide and champion build!

Amumu has been destroying solo queue ever since his little upgrade in LoL Patch 11.17. Seriously, a few small changes, a two-charged Q and Amumu had a serious glow-up! Or well... was he always good and now it's just the right people giving him the light of the day? Anyways, with this Amumu guide and build you'll be an Amumu main in no time as well!

Amumu Champion Build: Runes and Items

The days of emo-Amumu are over. He's been dominating the jungle and this is the Amumu build you have to go for to own the jungle as well. Make sure to pick the Precision rune path, it works perfectly for Amumus jungle build.

  • Keystone: Conqueror
  • Triumph
  • Legend: Tenacity
  • Last Stand

Precision has everything the modern jungler needs. Thanks to Conqueror and Amumu's massive AoE damage, the sad mummy will heal constantly throughout any team fight. When getting kills, Triumph will only increase this effect as well. Also, you'll gain tenacity and Last Stand will also improve your damage on average for about 8%. These runes are perfect for any jungler!

Your Secondary Tree is Domination with these runes:

  • Cheap Shot
  • Ravenous Hunter

Cheap Shot is perfect since you'll be able to use your Q and ultimate to stun anyone in a large area around you. Thanks to your W and ultimate you basically get 10 instant Conqueror stacks and thanks to Ravenous Hunter you also have some more built-in healing.

Depending on your game you can itemize accordingly:

  • Thornmail
  • Demonic Embrace (extremely good with the AoE of Amumu's W and Ultimate)
  • Zhonya's
  • Randuin's Omen
  • Morellonomicon

There are even multiple high elo players who don't build Sunfire Aegis and instead pick up Everfrost. That will increase your crowd control even further and can surely work, but it's a bit tricky and will need some time to practice timing the CC's.

Amumu Jungle Guide: Early Game

Be mindful of your weakness in the early game and don't force yourself into certain situations just for a scuttle or any other situation. Amumu's early game has a few weaknesses, but if you're aware of them, then you can avoid a few critical mistakes. There are quite a few AD champions that have it easier in the early game jungle, like Xin and Zed. But you can save a lot of time by using your Q through walls to get from one camp to another. But the most critical point in the early game has to be when you want to contest a scuttle crab.

Either you change your jungle path to completely avoid the enemy jungler and just give him the scuttle, or you play alongside your team in hopes of getting a first blood. Of course, this is only possible if your solo laner has decent lane prio and is able to roam into the river with you. If you're playing with scaling champs, then just stay low and avoid dying instead of forcing a play. It's better to give up the crab than to die for it.

If you will contest the scuttle, make sure you only use one Q. You'll be able to burst the scuttler's shield and then burst the crab down quickly. You might need your second Q to defend yourself or to fight.

Amumu Jungle Guide: Mid Game

In the mid game you should have your Sunfire Aegis and Plated Steelcaps – or Mercury Treads. You don't need more either to be efficient. Amumu is one of those tanks that has both damage and tons of crowd control. You really don't need much to be impactful, Conqueror, your W, a bit of AP and the burn from Aegis does most of the work for you.

If you go in for a gank, don't be scared to use the first charge of your Q. You've got a second chance! To get quick and efficient skills utilize your ultimate. So if you are able to catch the enemy mid laner or jungler out of position, make sure to pounce on them and any team fight that could have happened is already won.

Other than that your main focus throughout the mid game will be objective control. If you know the Drake is spawning soon, make sure you've got as much vision as possible around. With Amumu you're in complete control of any fight, especially in closed off spaces like the Dragon and Baron pit. Try to make it to the backline with one of the two Q charges. Your ultimate, massive CC and damage will do the rest. No matter if you're Silver or Master, Amumu is one of the best team fighting junglers in the game.

Amumu Jungle Guide: Late Game

In the late game, you won't focus on your clear anymore, instead, it's all about 1v2 lane ganks. Making sure you've got vision around Baron and Dragon Soul is literally game-changing.

Make sure to remember that you aren't a full-tank like Zac or Braum though. You'll stand in front of your carries, but a well-timed Amumu flank can turn any fight in your favor. If your enemies are all bunched up on one spot, then they can't even be saved by QSS anymore.

Late Game fights take around 5 - 10 seconds in solo queue. If you find an engage on 3 or 4 opponents and you can stun them for 3 whole seconds, well then, it won't really be considered much of a fight, rather a massacre.

To make this type of a flank work though, your team is going to need to be aware of what is going on around them. So you need to be sure to have cleared enemy wards beforehand and placed your own. As always we remind you: Junglers need general understanding of the game, objectives and timings as well as a keen eye for the mini map.

Amumu Jungle Guide: Good and Bad Matchups

Good matchups for Amumu are champions that live through their mobility. Zed is one of the newest top tier junglers and a lot of pros demand nerfs, but Amumu is the perfect counter for him. The moment Zed tries to take out your carries, you can ult him, use your Q and he'll be rooted in place. And well... then he's dead. Oh and pro tip: You can point your Q at his shadow where you're certain Zed will jump to as well.

Lee Sin is no different. When you're in reach just ult, Q and dead. Oh and you can interrupt Lee's Q with your own stun as well!

Champions like Trundle make Amumu quiver in his boots though. The troll is the perfect solo jungler and his ultimate makes him very dangerous for Amumu. So don't try to go in 1v1 against him! Taliyah and Zac are just way too fast for you and seem almost unstoppable.

We hope you learned something in this Amumu champion guide and build and that you feel ready to take on the solo queue jungle! If you want to watch Amumu in action, check out our Amumu Champion Spotlight video as well!

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