LoL: Camille Top Guide Season 11

Camille Guide
Here is everything you need to know to become a fantastic Camille Top player! (Credit: Riot Games)

You want to main Camille or maybe just got her and don’t know how to start? Check out our League of Legends Camille Top Guide for Season 11.

If there has ever been a good time to main Camille, it’s now. Her meta is currently fantastic and if you know how to play her right, you will have a very easy time. Everyone that’s playing against you, however, will hate you. And that's the spirit of League, isn't it?

The thing is, playing Camille can backfire easily if you don’t know how to play her properly, don’t know which runes to use, and don’t know which abilities to max first.

So we’ll tell you everything that you need to know to become the best Camille Top player possible.

Camille Guide: Summoner Spells

Camille Summoner Spells
Flash is always your best friend, right? (Credit: OP.GG)

As for Summoner Spells, Flash is, as always, your best friend. While Camille is able to escape most dangerous situations with her E, Flash is very important to have as a back-up plan, in case of your E's cooldown or your lack of mana.

The second Summoner Spell for Camille that you should have is Teleport. Camille is extremely fast, so if an enemy has managed to kill you, teleporting back while having that Teleport speed boost and already being a very fast Champion in itself, does give you a huge advantage, especially when you’ve already dealt some damage to the enemy Champion before having died yourself.

Camille Guide: Runes

Camille Runes
As you can see, you really want to be offensive as heck with Camille. (Credit: OP.GG)

For your first set of Camille runes, you want to pick Resolve, while the second set of Camille runes should be Inspiration.

Follow the set-up of the runes like in the picture above and choose Offense twice and then lastly Flex.

The thing with Camille is, is that you want to quickly deal as much damage as possible. With the right Camille Skill Combo (we’ll get to that in a minute) you’ll be able to take down an enemy at the right moment in less than five seconds. To make this easier on you, the runes above are what you want to go for.

Since you'll want to play as far forward as possible to harass your lane opponent, you might need some extra defensive stats so you can survive any aggressive trade. That's where the Resolve and Inspirational runes come into play.

Camille Guide: Skill Builds

Camille Skill Order
Max out Q first, then E! (Credit: OP.GG)

Despite wanting to max out Camille’s Q first, we highly advise you to go for her W first, since that attack is extremely good for farming. Next, you level up E in case of emergencies and then move on to your Q once you’re level 3. This way, you can slowly prepare yourself to take out that enemy in less than five seconds as we discussed earlier.

Once your Q is maxed, definitely max your E next. Camille’s E isn’t just perfect for escaping dangerous situations but also to chase after enemies that have flashed/try to run away in a dangerous situation.

Camille Guide: Item Builds

Camille Item Guide
(Credit: OP.GG)
Camille Item Guide 2
(Credit: OP.GG)
Camille Item Guide 3
(Credit: OP.GG)

Your starter item always depends on who you’re playing against. If you play against a Champion like Teemo, Doran’s Shield would be wise. However, since we said that Camille is definitely a Champion that goes all in, we’d still pick Doran’s Blade. That will help you in that quick fight which is all or nothing. In addition to that, obviously also go for a Health Potion.

Next, go for boots. As we mentioned before, Camille is a fast Champion, making her even faster is only being advantageous for you. In her case, go for Plated Steelcaps.

As for the other items, go for Trinity Force (for that major damage), Ravenous Hydra (for getting health back), and then Sterak’s Gage (for extra shields).

Which Champions to play against with Camille?

We mentioned before that Camille has trouble going all-in against Champions like Teemo or Heimerdinger that hit her from afar with their auto attacks.

You'll have an easier time playing Camille against Champions like Sylas, Akali or Yone, because against those, you can easily use your E, then your W, and then your Q or R (which, by the way, is the Skill Combo you want to use with Camille!)


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