LoL Champion Guide: Akshan, The Rogue Sentinel

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Want an overloaded kit? Here comes the new champion for the Late Game, Akshan. | © Riot Games

Akshan, The Rogue Sentinel comes into the game as the 156th champion and will really shake up the Rift. Want to get a head start and win your lane from level 1? Then we have just the champion guide for you to dominate with the new Marksman hybrid. Go, carry the late game on your shoulders!

According to Riot, Akshan is a marksman, but to be honest? He feels more like a hybrid after initial testing on the PBE. One moment you're kiting tanks and assassins and using the movement speed of your passive, the next, you'll find yourself chasing down desperate enemies in camouflage and taking them out one double shot at a time. And et voilà - your team stands revived at your nexus.

  • Have you noticed? Another midlaner follows Akshan. A Yordle named Vex.

Movement Speed? Double Shots? Camouflage? A revived team? What can't Akshan do? And how the hell does a Marksman revive his team? You haven't heard about the overloaded kit yet? Then check out all the important information about Riot's next creation, à la: "three abilities in one - sounds about right to me!", here.

But enough of Akshan's basic abilities and back to the champion guide. When and how to use him and his kit best, to get the most out of it. We cover it all.

Akshan Guide: Itemization and Runes

First things first – there is not the one build or the one perfect mythic item. Basically, you should go offensive and build Akshan like a typical Marksman. Keystone should be Press the Attack for the extra burst via his passive and Ignite to finish off the marked enemies.

For some extra movement speed, chase potential and as a finishing blow, we recommend Gale Force. As an already mobile champion who wants to kill the marked opponents specifically, to revive his teammates, Gale Force can make all the difference. Combined with the movement speed of the passive and the W - Camouflage, it can also save you from Assassins. If you won the early game, Gale Force is definitely your go to!

Depending on how the game goes, Immortal Shield Bow is a very strong alternative. If you couldn't really dominate the lane because the opposing jungler babysitted you, or your top lane overextended again, you are the key! Due to your game breaking ability to revive your teammates, you will often be focused on. Play the teamfights in a controlled manner and equip yourself with the necessary tools to survive. This will ensure that you proc Akshan's W-passive and your frontline will be revived in no time.

Akshan Guide: The Laning Phase

In the early laning phase, Akshan plays like a Marksman and its style is very similar to Lucian's. The important thing is to trade cleanly with your auto attacks and punish your opponents' last hits. Since you're in the Mid Lane, your opponents will often be Assassins - a high on the current meta at this point. Your go-to ability is your Q. The more enemies the boomerang hits in its path, the farther it flies. So with newly arriving minion waves, you can use it to poke enemies from a safe distance. The second variation is to trigger a double shot with your passive, have 2 stacks on the enemy, and proc the third stack with your Q to get some juicy extra damage out. This also works wonderfully, as the projectile speed is incredibly high. Since Akshan is in the mid-range segment of the marksmen, the Q is hard to miss. Oh, yeah - the boomerang does the same damage to all enemies, even when coming back.

Limit your trading to your Q and don't get too greedy. In the beginning, your E, the Heroic Swing, has a very high cooldown. Once you use it, you'll be a sitting duck for every Kha'Zix and Xin Zhao waiting for you in one of the side bushes. So don't get baited! As long as you keep the E to swing away, you are literally on the safe side (of the lane) and not an attractive gank target. Farm and trade cleanly, wait for your jungler to finish off the opponent with you, and only use the hook offensively if you are sure of the kill or know the position of the enemy jungler.

But watch out. The first few times, the hook will control you, rather than you controlling it.

Akshan Guide: Mid- and Late Game

Akshan is a mid laner because he is incredibly good at clearing the minion wave with his Q. He is on the side lane within seconds and swings into the surprised opponents with ease. So the hybrid is not only dangerous for the opponents on his own lane, but a serious threat for everyone.

From mid game on, your W passive becomes incredibly strong. Pay attention to your positioning, let your teammates lead the way for Wards, and equip yourself with the Blue Trinket to check bushes when in doubt. If your front line dies or your ADC makes a wrong move, you can always revive them. The longer the game goes on, the more important Akshan becomes for objectives and team fights.

The mechanic of being able to revive teammates instantly is game breaking! On the PBE, we were often able to win the late game with Going Rogue, because as long as Akshan is alive, nothing is over. Use your W to hunt the marked enemies. You are invisible for a long time and move extremely fast. 3, 4 shots and your team is upright and ready to fight again, and you are celebrated as a hero while the opponents stare at their death screens.

Try a few games, and you'll get the hang of the hook in no time. You'll be amazed at how often you get your teammates back up. Have fun swinging, stealthing and sprinting on the Rift!

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