League of Orphans: Annie Champion Guide

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She might look cute, but Annie has some of the highest burst in the game.

It's Annie's turn for this week's Champion guide. In our Champion Guide Series, we present the most important champion mechanics and play styles for all the League Of Legends champions. We show you which Runes to pick, how to play the champion and of course, the best item builds.

  • Annie might be one of the first champions you've played, but certainly not the only one. So with that in mind, we have also made multiple other champion guides just for you ranging from Jinx to Akali, from Yone to Lux and even unique picks like Kindred!

Annie is a friendly beginner champion. Therefore, writing an Annie champion guide seems as useful as re-watching your favourite anime for the fourth time in a row instead of studying for finals – not that I'm speaking from experience here.

A Guide For Champions: What Makes Annie so Strong?

What? Anyone can play Annie. Basically, yes. But it's still important to know how to properly play in the mid lane. Of course, knowing how to cs isn't everything, because Annie has a few more mechanics you'll need to understand to really dominate.

So to begin, let us quickly go over her complex abilities. Q - Fireball. W - Fire cone. E - Fireshield. R - Fire Tibbers. Do you see the pattern here?

The only ability we haven't mentioned in our Annie champion guide yet is her passive. Every fifth attack stuns the opponent. There really isn't much else to say about this. Once you've reached your third stack, fire off your Q and while it soars through the air, activate your shield and boom! Opponent stunned. You even gain movement speed thanks to the shield!

After reading this champion guide, you'll realize just how simple Annie is to play – though you probably already knew this already. Her most important mechanic though his Flash + R. Tibbers has huge amounts of damage at his disposal alongside Annie's W, Q, Electrocute and Rocketbelt. No one is safe from the little firey mage.

Build Lane Dominance with Annie

Annie is an extremely strong laner, which we hope you already knew even before reading this LoL champion guide. Her auto-attack range is incredible, so she is able to poke out her opponents with ease. Not to mention how easy it is to load up her stacks, causing her opponents to approach with respect each time.

Well, we've even managed to write a little poem for you to remember these mechanics: The opponent runs into your stun. Boom, you've already won! I know I should have gone into poetry rather than writing LoL champion guides. But back to the topic at hand, if you stun your opponents with Q or W and then use your ultimate... well then Tibbers goes completely insane and sees nothing but red (get it... fire... is red...).

Also, Tibbers can be controlled separately, just like Yorick's Maiden. You'll have to check in your settings how to control a companion. Normally, though, you control them by pressing Alt + right mouse click. This isn't just an Annie champion guide, but also a Tibbers guide. You're welcome.

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