LoL Champion Guide: Jinx

Jinx Guide
This is how you play Jinx. Trust us.

In our Champion Guide Series, we present the most important mechanics and play styles for all of the League Of Legends champions. We show you which Runes to pick, how to play the champion and of course, the best item builds.

This time around we are going to be taking a deep dive into the insane world of none other than Jinx: The Loose Cannon. So get ready for some crazy rocket action and make sure to stay sane!

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ADC might be one of the toughest positions to play in League of Legends. Any mistake is instantly punished and in the first 20 minutes, you're just a squishy practice target. But the late game... yes, once you've got those two or three items, well then it's Hasta la Vista baby. Almost no other champion encompasses this as well as Jinx. So why don't we jump into it right now?

Jinx Playstyle

Just Keep Moving!

Jinx is an immobile ADC, so that means it is important to stay behind your support and stay safe! If you go too far up any assassin, the opposing support or jungler is able to simply cough on you, and you die.

The Key is: just keep moving. Just keep moving. Between every auto, just take a step or two to the side. This way it’ll be hard to focus her. Dodging any and every skill shot will make you look like a mechanical god.

Jinx gains speed whenever her passive resets along with attack speed. Those are the moments when Jinx will go completely bananas. When you’ve got your speed buff thanks to her passive, and you click anywhere and everywhere, it will become impossible for your opponent to predict where you’ll go next.

Play Around the Objectives

Jinx doesn’t have any fancy flashes and dashes in her kit, making her an immobile ADC, so it’s important to live through her laning phase without perma-dying. You’re not the engage tool in your team composition, but rather someone who will follow up and then eradicate the enemy.

So, to ensure that you make it through the laning phase and scale into the damage-dealing monster from hell, play around objectives and pick up as much experience as you can.

Jinx Q in Mini-gun form has some of the highest single target damage in the game. So your opponents can kiss their towers goodbye. Not to mention how epic it is to steal a baron with her ultimate from the other side of the map. Sure you need to be a bit lucky, but that just adds to Jinx’s insane charm eh?

Heartseeker Jinx
Jinx is hype for all the damage she can dish out in the late game. (Credit: Riot Games)

Gatekeeper Chompers

If you’ve got an opponent riding your ass, then there is a little fine mechanic tip we can give you. Use your chompers! Yes, just place the little poops right under you and then kite for your life. If your opponent ain’t got a leap, then they need to walk around them to try and chase you down. EZ peel.

Your W is also pretty good for utility. Slow your opponents and then click R… easy as pie. Seriously, no one can escape this ingenious mechanically high-skill level combo. But we believe in you!

So to keep things quick, keep moving when playing Jinx. Practice your kiting and everything is Gucci. Her damage output in the late game is insane so let’s get Jinxed guys!

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Original Article by EarlyGame Author Eric Ganther